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Catholic Action Suggestion:

Do you have any suggestions for Catholic Action? Help others get their act together by listing your suggestions here. Don't wait until tomorrow, do it now!

In his masterpiece "Liberalism is sin", Don Sardá y Salvany gives us the three means which he assures us are "the most effective and appropriate means that ought to be used by men who are oppressed by Liberalism". The first one of these means is this:

By the organization of all good Catholics, be their number great or small. They should become known to each other, meet each other, unite together, in every locality, every city, town or village should have a nucleus of Catholic men of action. Such an organization will attract the undecided, give courage to the hesitating, to counteract the influence of hostile or indifferent surroundings. [...]

If you really have a problem with Liberalism, don't just moan and groan, do something about it !

Did you say you believe Our Lord should be King? How can anyone take you seriously if you never act upon your beliefs?

If you're one of the many Traditional Catholics that are "all talk and no action", why don't you get your act together now, before you get to hear the same words as that lazy servant who buried his one and only talent instead of making good use of it?

And if you're one of the very few Traditional Catholics who do occasionally get stuck in, here's a chance to reap some interest on your investment and help others follow your good example, to "attract the undecided, to give courage to the hesitating, to counteract the influence of hostile or indifferent surroundings".

Send us a message with your suggestions, your methods, the excuses you managed to overcome, what you found helpful, etc.. and we will list it here for the benefit of others.

Don't just "think about it", don't wait until tomorrow as tomorrow may never come for you, do it now !