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Paul VI Probably "Canonized" in October 2018

Pope Paul VI

On February 6, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints unanimously approved the recognition of a miracle attributed to the intercession of Giovanni Batista Montini. Now all that is missing is the approval of Francis and the announcement of the date of the canonization of the Pope of the Second Vatican Council, who died forty years ago in Castel-Gandolfo.

To advance this conciliar canonization of Paul VI, the Congregation bases itself on a so-called "miraculous" cure of an unborn child in the fifth month of pregnancy. MPI, several times, has questioned this healing that can hardly be attributed to a miracle:

The mother of the child from Verona, Italy, was praying at the shrine of Graces in Brescia, a place of devotion to Giovanni Battista Montini. In the fifth month of her pregnancy she suffered a placenta rupture, a fact that could have compromised the life of both mother and baby. The mother, who did not want to resort to an abortion recommended by her doctor, then prayed, next to a nun, at the said sanctuary. Amanda was born in the 6th month of pregnancy and has grown up without any problems since then thanks to the intercession of Paul VI who was "beatified" by Francis on 19 October 2014.

But is it a miracle, such is the question that arises? Since placental detachment is not always fatal to either the child or the mother and may be compatible with continuation of the pregnancy. And since today a child can quite well live normally when born in the 6th month of pregnancy, the "miracle" [is a product] of this sacrosanct progress so cherished by the progressives in charge at the Vatican...

But for the medical department and the theologians of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, this pseudo-healing is considered as "inexplicable" and therefore "miraculous"! The bishops and cardinals of the said congregation went, on February 6, into the same direction. The Cardinal Prefect, Angelo Amato, will submit their vote to Pope Francis, who is responsible for the final decision. It will be him who will announce in consistory the date the canonization will take place, which, according to what is being rumoured in the Vatican corridors, will be in Rome, probably in October during the Youth Synod. A symbolic event for the conciliar "canonization" of a pope who wanted to "rejuvenate" the Church...

The diocesan weekly newsletter of Brescia, the birthplace of Paul VI, affirmed that:

October could be the right month. The 15th Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on Youth will be held in Rome from 3 to 28 October and will be attended by prelates from all over the world. What better occasion to canonize, after John XXIII, before such an important portion of the Episcopal College, the other Pontiff of the Ecumenical Vatican Council II?

Pope Francis himself, during the beatification of Giovanni Montini, made the link with the Council:

On this day of the beatification of Pope Paul VI, I recall in memory his words with which he instituted the Synod of Bishops: "By carefully observing the signs of the times, we are endeavouring to adapt the ways and means of the apostolate to the pressing needs of our times and the new conditions of social life."

He went on to call Paul VI, who was undoubtedly a progressive and modernist, "the great chairman of the Council". This nickname is a bad choice: it inevitably reminds us of another Great Chairman [Mao Zedong] of the time who also wanted to regenerate his people in the name of Progress, even if it meant exterminating millions of his Chinese fellow citizens...

What should we think of this future "canonization" based on a false miracle? With Paul VI, it is quite simply the Second Vatican Council which is being raised to the altar by the new conciliar Church which emerged from it...