An Open Letter to Confused Catholics

Archbishop Lefebvre (1905-1991) presents, in this major study, the crisis in Catholic belief and practice in terms any Catholic can understand. In chapters on the Holy Mass and the Sacraments, the Priesthood, the New Catechisms, and Ecumenism, he gives examples to support his underlying thesis: The Second Vatican Council was used by Modernists as their opportunity to first confuse the faithful and then change their Faith.

The Archbishop writes with the authority of an outstanding missionary: Superior General of the 6000-member Holy Ghost Fathers, Apostolic Delegate to French-speaking Africa, and member of the Preparatory Commission for the Second Vatican Council.

He records the reasons for founding his seminaries and lifts the curtain on his relations with Rome. In a key chapter on what Catholic obedience really is, he answers the charge of being a “rebel”.

The book is controversial, but the author’s love for the Church is evident and he presents, charitably, clearly, and irrefutably a case no critic can answer.

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