Cardinal Müller Interview, 25 May 2017

Excerpt at 25:04

Interviewer : Tell me how close we are to the canonical reconciliation with the Society of Pius X. I know there was a doctrinal statement writen, that they have to affirm. Where are we now ?

Muller : It needs time. What we need is the deeper reconciliation, not only the signing of a document, because the doctrine of the Church is very clear on what is necessary for the complete full communion with the Catholic Church. We have not different speeds, it’s not possible. Everybody who wants to be Catholic has to accept the Catholic creed or the Councils, and has to accept the seven sacraments and other doctrines, and has to accept the hierarchical communion with the local bishop and the community of all bishops and the Holy Father. Here we need a deeper reconciliation. They must have a deeper approach, alos in the heart, to the full communion of the Church. Some of them are thinking “we are the right Catholics, and have been since 1962, and the rest is all [abuse]“, [and] that is impossible. To say there are liturgical abuses and a lot of errors in the dogmatic sphere, but we must overcome these errors and abuses, and not justify separatism from the Church. And also belonging to the liturgy was always a Catholic belief, that the pope or the local synod has the right and also the duty to reorganize the exterior form of the liturgy. The substance of the liturgy is given by revelation, that cannot be changed by nobody [anybody].

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