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It is a dogma of divine faith that the Catholic Church is requisite for salvation. It is also perfectly certain that a man who dies as a non-member of the Church can attain to the beatific vision. Theologians have had to keep both these facts in mind in explaining the axiom extra Ecclesiam nulla...
Rev. Francis J. Connell, C.S.S.R.
In a previous article it was pointed out that Catholics are in great need of a correct knowledge of the meaning of faith, and an attempt was made to explain exactly the nature of the first of the three theological virtues as the Catholic Church understands it. 1 It is very evident that the...
One can sometimes hear propounded the unfortunate thesis that opposite errors are equally dangerous. It is assumed that because something is false or exaggerated, because one renounces it as “extremists,” that its opposite must be just as false and dangerous. It is forgotten that there is a...