Flat Earth : Disappearing Ship


In response to this video1 that claims to prove the flat earth fantasy, I would like to present you with my shortest article ever, proving the earth is NOT flat, using the same “evidence” in this video.

Two snapshots, put side by side, scaled and marked.

Ship Compare
Ship Compare

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. I trust this picture is one of them.

Sorry folks, no flat earth in my sights.


“Neil Obstat” on CathInfo suggested that we can see the lower part of the boat being inverted due to what we call an “inferior mirage”. So I marked the “folding line” between the actual image and the inverted mirage. This is indeed a very good suggestion, as it makes the obvious stand out even more.

But first, have a good look at the following picture to get an idea of what an “inferior mirage” looks like:

Mirage - True Horizon
Mirage - True Horizon

You will notice how the folding line (where true image and upside down mirage meet) also marks where the true horizon is.

If we now do likewise on the image of the “disappearing ship”, we discover that it disappeared even more than we at first suspected:

Ship Compare - True Horizon
Ship Compare - True Horizon

The dashed line indicates where we would see the horizon without the interference of a mirage. In other words, the ship is already half gone behind the horizon. It only appears higher still because of an “inferior mirage” being projected below the horizon, which gives the impression that the horizon is lower than it actually is (or the ship being higher than it actually is).

I hope this will sufficiently demonstrate the point: the earth is NOT flat.

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=50&v=0xWsuFLdgBs ↩︎