Popes, Church Fathers and Saints Combat and Condemn the Jews


The great Pope Gregory VII, the renowned Hildebrand, the great reformer and organiser of the Church, writes in a letter to King Alfonse VI of Castile in the year 1081: “We exhort your Royal Majesty not to further tolerate that the Jews rule Christians and have power over them. For to allow, that Christians are subordinated to Jews and are delivered to their whims, means to oppress the Church of God, means to revile Christ himself."1

However, this great Pope was strictly opposed to forcing the Jews to baptism, for he knew how dangerous false conversions were and seized upon measures to avoid this kind of error and protected the Jews against the immoderate zeal of some fanatics. Pope Gregory VII fought uninterruptedly to prevent that the Jews ruled the Christians, for–as he said–this came close to a repression of Holy Church and elevating of the “Synagogue of Satan.” But in addition he asserted that to please these enemies of Christ, meant to revile Christ himself. What would the members of the “Fifth Column” say to this, who at present do exactly the opposite of what Pope Gregory VII ordered? The same thing, which was asserted by this renowned Pontifex–one of the most renowned of the Church–is championed today by those who fight against Jewish Imperialism and for this reason are called anti-Semites, i.e., to prevent that the Jews rule the Christians and as a result vilify Christ and His Church and cause grave harm to the Christian nations. St. Ambrose, a Bishop of Milan, and great Church Father, said to his flock, that the Synagogue “was a godless House, a collecting place of wickedness and that God Himself had damned it."2

And if the host of Christians on grounds of the faithless conduct of the Jews could not hold back their rage and burned a synagogue, St. Ambrose allowed them to enjoy his full support and said in addition: “I declare that I have set the synagogue on fire or have at least given the crowd the mandate to do it… And if it is said against me, that I should not have personally set the synagogue on fire, I answer that it was burned through the judgement of God."3

We must also not forget, that St. Ambrose of Milan is recognised in Holy Church as model bishop and on account of his Christian neighbourly love is held to be worthy of imitation. This proves that neighbourly love must not be used to protect the evil powers.

Holy Thomas of Aquin, who knew the danger of Jews in Christian society, held it to be correct, to allow them to live in eternal servitude. A semitophilic writer complains about this and writes as follows: “Aquinas based himself upon the standpoint of that time, that they should live in eternal servitude."4 This opinion of St. Thomas of Aquinas is completely justified. If the Jews, in every land in which they live, constantly instigate conspiracies upon command of their religion, in order to conquer the people which magnanimously offered them hospitality, and they in addition fight to rob it of its goods and to destroy its religious belief, there is no other choice: either they must be expelled from the land, or they be allowed to live there, but in hard servitude, which binds their hands and prevents them from doing so much evil.

Another great genius of the Church, Duns Scotus, the Doctor Subtilis, went still further than Thomas of Aquinas and proposed to Christianity a solution of the Jewish problem on the basis of the complete destruction of this devilish sect. In this aspect a renowned Rabbi complains that Duns Scotus “Instigated the forceful baptism of Jewish children and that parents who refused to be converted should be brought onto an island, where they could practise their religion until the prophecy of Isaak concerning those remaining, who wished to return, was fulfilled. (4.22)"5

As one sees, the idea of banishing all the Jews in the world onto an island, where they should live alone, without being able to harm the remaining peoples, originates not from Hitler but from one of the most renowned authorised Church Fathers.

Saint Louis (Ludwig), King of France, exemplary in his saintliness and Christian love of the neighbour, who was so magnanimous as to give back a conquered king the regions conquered by him, which no one in that time did voluntarily, was of the opinion that the Jews, if they mocked the Christian religion, should have a sword thrust as deeply as possible into their body.6 In order to understand the standpoint of Saint Ludwig (Louis), one must bear in mind that then every revolutionary action and conspiracy of the Jews against the Christian nations then principally expressed itself in heresies or attacks on religion. This is understandable in a time when the religious problem was fundamental and all political affairs were subordinated to it. Jewish Imperialism has also still preserved a highly religious foundation in our time, as we have already elaborated earlier.

St. Athanasius, the great Church Father, asserted that “the Jews were no longer the people of God but were Lords over Sodom and Gomorrah."7

Saint John Chrysostom, another great Church Father, reports concerning all the misfortune which occurred to the Jews at different times: “But the Jews say that men and not God had brought them all this misfortune. But exactly the opposite is the cause, for God has occasioned it. If they (the Jews) make men responsible for this, then they must remember that they, even if they had risked it, would nevertheless not have been strong enough, if God had not so willed it."8 St. John Chrysostom defined approximately fifteen hundred years ago clearly and distinctly the nature of the Jews and described them as “Nation of criminals,” “Lustful, robbers and avaricious false thieves.” Later the great Church Father makes the assurance in connection with the traditional Jewish tactic of lamenting that men declare war on them and destroy them, and of always representing themselves as innocent victims: “Always when the Jews say to you: Men have waged war upon us and have conspired against us, answer them: men would not have waged war upon you, if God had not allowed it.”

Saint John Chrysostom even supports himself upon another point of the Catholic doctrine, that “God hates the Jews,"9 because God hates Evil, and the Jews after they had our Lord Jesus crucified, became the greatest evil. The renowned Saint in general defends the thesis, that “a man crucified by you was stronger than you and has destroyed and scattered you.” and asserts that the Jews must continue to be punished for their crimes until the end of the world. The terrible events in this century, where the Jews erected their Communist dictatorship, have confirmed what Saint John Chrysostom asserted over fifteen hundred years ago, namely, that the Jews are a band of thieves and murderers, and it is understandable that the just punishment of God is frequently bestowed upon them for their bloody misdeeds. In our days the assertion of this great Church Father, that they always–when God punishes them, destroys them or causes the misfortune prophesied in the Holy Bible to come upon them–make the rest of mankind responsible for the terrible occurrences which they have provoked through their own crimes.

The renowned Bishop of Meaux, Bossuet, writer and sacred preacher, whose position is known in the history of Holy Church, likewise fought the Jews energetically and cursed them from the pulpit: “Accursed People! Your visitation shall pursue you up to your most remote descendants, until the Lord becomes weary of punishing you and at the end of time takes pity on your wretched remains."10

As one sees, the renowned Catholic theologian was of opinion that at the end of time only a wretched remnant of Jewry would remain and was of one opinion with Saint John Chrysostom and other Church Fathers concerning the catastrophes which the Jews must suffer on account of their murder of God and their wickedness. In his “Addresses Concerning History” and in various sermons Bossuet repeatedly described the Jews as “accursed race,” upon whom “divine punishment” has come and will always “be destroyed by the other peoples of the world."11 He also gave the assurance, that “the Jews were hated by God."12 If this devout wise Bishop, a genius of the Catholic Church, had lived in our time, he would also have been accused by the secret Jewish clergy of racial hatred and Antisemitism.

Like all Church Fathers Bossuet knew the Jewish falsehood very well. If the Jews had not behaved in a criminal way in the course of centuries since the crucifying of the Lord, no one would accuse and condemn them on account of their wickedness. Through their mode of action they are solely and alone responsible for the all-sided reaction against them. If a man does not wish to be regarded as a murderer and thief, then he only needs to abandon this kind of crime. But if he robs, kills or conspires, it is not remarkable that the peoples affected reproach him with his crimes. However, the Jews are shameless enough to protest and to raise a great outcry, because their own conspiracies and manifold crimes against other men and nations are held against them. One must have inherited the pharisaic hypocrisy, in order to tear the priestly garb into fragments, when the truth is spoken into one’s face.

The Holy Pius V, another great saint of the Church, who is renowned on account of his devoutness and Christian neighbourly love and was simultaneously one of the most highly regarded of Popes, gave energetic expression to his opinion–alarmed by the revolutionary action of the Jews–that the Jews should be compelled to wear a visible mark, which distinguished them from Christians, so that the latter could protect themselves from their destructive preaching. In the Bull of 19th April 1566 he confirmed the determinations of the earlier Papal Bulls and Holy Councils and ordered that all Jews should wear as distinguishing mark a cap for men and a simple sign for women: “3. In order to make an end to all doubt concerning the colour of the cap and the sign of the women, we declare that the colour must be yellow.” Then he commands the Prelates to publish the Bull and to maintain this, and continues: “5. All worldly princes, lords and judges do we exhort, and implore for the mercy of Jesus Christ’s sake and utter to them for this forgiveness of their sins, to support in all the foregoing the patriarchs, primates, archbishops and bishops and to further them, and the transgressors with worldly punishments and judgements."13

Since in addition the Jews gained power in the Pontificate states through deceit and usury of the real estate, this Pope, recognised as a Saint, saw himself compelled to issue the Bull “Cum nos nuper” of 19th January 1567, in the second year of his Pontificate, and to confirm the earlier Popes, by that he forbade the Jews to acquire real estate, and compelled them to sell these within a short period. If in this respect they once more did not pay heed to the Papal Bull, these real estates were to be confiscated from them. From this interesting document we take informative parts: “Since we a short time ago renewed the orders of our predecessor Pope Paul IV against the Jews and among other things ordered that the Jews both in our city Rome as also in other cities, districts and places, which stand under the worldly rule of the Holy Roman Church, must sell the properties (real estate) in their possession to Christians within a period fixed by a judge … And if these Jews do not carry out this or the preceding, we order … that they be punished by the judges as rebels and as guilty of the crime of lèse majesté, according to the manner of the crime determined by us, our Vicar or other official. And the Christian people shall show them mistrust in accordance with our judgement, of the official and judge.”

In another part of the Bull the Pope orders in connection with the deceit which the Jews had committed, that: “Since we, as is necessary, wish to remedy this deceit and wish to ensure that that ordered by us had its effect voluntarily, with full understanding and in exercising of the apostolic powers, we withdraw from the Jews and their rule (and recognize no right or claim) all properties, which the Jews have in their possession in this city Rome or other places of our domain of rule."14

One can imagine, how great the usury and swindling of the Jews and the sale of properties must have been, that this devout virtuous Pope saw himself compelled to make these measures for defence of the Christians. One must not forget, that Pope Pius V is one of the Popes who distinguished himself most of all through his recognised holiness and therefore was also declared holy by Holy Church. If he had lived in our disastrous time, he would have been condemned by the Church dignitaries in the service of the “Synagogue of Satan,” of race hatred and Antisemitism and, if possible, even have been included among the war criminals of Nuremberg; for in our time the “Fifth Column” condemns all who defend their peoples or Holy Church against the political or economic Imperialism of the Jews.

But the Holy Bulls and their carrying out could not alone hold up the wickedness of the Jews, who in all lands which show them hospitality, become a deadly danger for Christian and pagan peoples. At that time this Pope–exemplary in holiness and devoutness–had enough energy in order to attack the problem radically and undertook thorough measures. On the 26th February 1569 he announced the thunderous Bull “Hebraeorum Gens” and expelled the Jews from the Pontificate states. On account of the inordinate length of this work we only reproduce parts of this valuable document, which seem to us most important of all. In this sense the holy Pope says: “The Jewish people, which was once preserver of the divine Word, participated in the heavenly secrets and exceeded so much in favour and dignity the other peoples, fell down later from its height on account of its faithlessness, so that in its period of bloom ungratefully and faithlessly condemned its Redeemer undignifiedly to shameful death … But Christian devoutness came to terms from the beginning with this unanulled fact and allowed that it settled far more comfortably in its bosom … In spite of this its godlessness with the stamp of all possible repellent arts has taken on such forms, that it becomes necessary for the salvation of our own, to prevent such a sickness with force through a quickly effective healing method. If we look away from the countless kinds of usury, through which the Jews have everywhere sucked the property of the needy Christians, then we give judgment that they are visibly protectors and even accomplices of thieves and robbers, who cause the stolen and embezzled goods to come to another or hitherto wish to conceal them. Many desire, under the pretence of their own business affairs, the houses of honourable women and destroy them with shameful flatteries. And the most damaging thing in the matter is, that they attract through prophecy, magical incantations, superstition and witchcraft many incautious and sick people to the deceit of the “Synagogue of Satan” and boast of being able to predict the future, where treasures are concealed and secret things. In addition we know and have exactly investigated, how in an unworthy way this revolting sect misuses the name of Christ and in what measure this is harmful for those who are judged in this name and whose life is threatened through their deceit. On account of this and other grave things, of account of the gravity of the crimes, which unfortunately from day to day more and more increase in our cities, and since we are in addition of the opinion, that the race mentioned, with exception of unimportant groups in the East, is in no way of value for our Republic … We order in the following that in the time limit of 3 months from the publication onwards all Jews of both sexes in our entire worldly realm of justice and in the appertainent towns, districts and places, the same in those of the ‘domicelli,’ of the Barons and other worldly property Lords, including those who only have power, mixed power, power over life and death or any other jurisdiction and freeing–must leave these regions without grace.”

Since the Holy Father Pius V knew that the Jews all over the world usually evade in diverse ways and means such expulsion edicts and, in order to avoid in this case, that they did not respect the statutes of the Holy Bull, he ordered in the same, strict punishments for those, who did not leave the land in the appointed time: “2. After this time limit shall all at the present or in future, who dwell or wander into that city of the region of justice mentioned, in every district or place also of the ‘domicelos,’ barons, property lords, or other already mentioned, be affected, their property confiscated and handed over to the Siscus, and they shall become slaves of the Roman Church, live in eternal servitude and the Roman Church shall have the same rights over them as the remaining lords over slaves and property. Excepted are the cities Rome and Ancona, where the Jews will be tolerated, who now live there, so that the formerly mentioned memory remains awake, the negotiations with the East and the mutual trade are continued, under the condition that they respect our Church Laws and those of our predecessor. If they do not do this, they shall suffer all punishments, which are ordered in this law, and which we renew in this document."15

The Holy Bulls bring an important innovation in reference to the expulsion of Jews from the Christian states, during the earlier centuries. As we recall, the Jews were given the choice, to be expelled or to be converted. The consequence of this was, that the majority, in order to escape expulsion, apparently confessed to Christianity and represented a greater danger for the Church and the Christian states. Holy Pius V without doubt knew this and simply ordered the expulsion from the Pontificate states, without leaving them the way out of conversion, which they had always evaded. As one sees, this holy Pope knew the Jewish problem better than many worldly and clerical dignitaries before him; but also in his case pressure was exerted on His Holiness, so that he excluded Rome and Ancona from the expulsion, so that trade with the east was not damaged. The Jews thus once again made use of this means, in order to partly evade the expulsion. Another renowned Saint and an important figure in the first centuries, Saint Gregory of Nysa, who played such an important role in the philosophic defence of the Christian faith, accuses the Jews in his famous “Prayer for the Resurrection of Christ”: “Murderers of the Lord, Murderers of the Prophets, enemies of God, men who hate God and despise the Laws, Enemies of grace. Enemies of the faith of your fathers, advocates of the Devil, race of blasphemers, slanderers, mockers, men with clouded spirit, Pharisee breed, collection of Devils, sinner, infamous men, casters of stones, enemies of honesty."16

Undoubtedly not even Hitler has in so few words expressed so many accusations against the Jews, as sixteen hundred years ago this holy Bishop of Nyasa, the brother of the great Church Father St. Basilius, who was also canonised like the latter on account of his capacities. And if he drew the Jews into the prayer mentioned, then he wished like many other Saints to warn the Christians to be on their guard against this band of thieves and murderers whose strength lies only in the lack of knowledge of Christians of their danger, and this lack of knowledge the member of the “Fifth Column”–clergy and laymen–wish to promote further, so as in the protection of this lack of knowledge to make possible the successes of Jewry. Therefore is it so easy to establish the identity of the secret Jews in the Catholic Action or in the clergy and to recognise them, for when it is a question of the Jewish danger, they assert with suspicious constancy that it does not exist, that it is a myth, an invention of the Nazis or some other unimportant fable. As a result they only wish to conceal and defend the band to which these false Catholics belong in secret, who often as descendants of the Pharisees make an exhibition of their devoutness and adherence to our Church, while on the other side they seek to prevent that it defends itself against its principal enemy.

In the struggle against Jewry for defence of Christianity Pope Gregory IX published on 5th March 1233 his famous Bull “Sufficere Debuerat” from which we take the following: “It ought to have satisfied the faithless Jews, that Christian devoutness accepted them again solely and alone from goodwill. They, who persecuted the Catholic faith and have denied the name of the Lord… They do not give thanks for the concessions, forget the deeds of good will, pay back this kindness with godlessness and in return for the concessions they despise us … As was thus ordered at the Council of Toledo and was confirmed at the general Council, no preference may be given to the blasphemers of God, for it is completely absurd, that such should have power over Christians. Nevertheless they are entrusted with public offices, which they utilise to the harm of the Christians. They have in addition wet nurses and women servants in their own houses where they devote themselves to indescribable things, which with those who know of them, call forth revulsion and horror. Although at the general Council mentioned it was disposed that the Jews of both sexes at all times and everywhere should be distinguished from others through their clothing, nevertheless in Germany the confusion becomes ever greater, since they distinguish themselves through no clothing piece. As it is repellent, that that which was reborn through the water of baptism, is spotted through the practices of the faithless and their activity and the Christian religion is attacked through the power of the false (which would happen), if the blasphemer of the blood of Christ has the liberated in service, we order for all our brothers in the Bishopric, absolutely to suppress the mentioned and similar blaspheming of the Jews in your dioceses, churches and communities, so that they do not dare to raise their necks bent under eternal servitude, in order to revile the Redeemer. In addition they should avoid through greater strictness, that they in no way risk to discuss their practices with Christians, so that discussions of this kind give the ignorant no opportunity to slip away through error, which is to be hoped will not occur. For this you should, if necessary, turn to the worthy law for support."17

As one sees, Pope Gregory IX complains bitterly about the ingratitude of the Jews, who answer kindness with reviling, and poison the conscience of Christians, persecute the Catholic faith, place themselves against the Christians when they occupy public offices, and carry out actions which are despicable and terrible. In short, they do the same as always in the course of the past nineteen hundred years. Therefore it is very praiseworthy that the determinations of the Council of Toledo, which were confirmed through the Ecumenical (Lateran), were carried out, the Jews excluded from public offices and that they should live in eternal slavery. The wild beast is laid in chains as a result, so that it can cause no harm. One sees that this time in Germany, where the laws of the Councils mentioned were not fulfilled, the beast was freed, and caused harm in the shadow of tolerance.

The Popes thus lead the defence of Christian society against the Jews, and that should really be their actual task, to defend their sheep against the cunning of the wolf and not to deliver them to it. May the Jews only not come and make the Church responsible for what has occurred to them in the course of history, for they provoked this action through their ingratitude and their Imperialist activity. Without doubt Holy Church had and has like the peoples attacked always the right to defend itself in a correct way. If the Jews do not wish to bear the consequences of their attacks, they must cease them.

When Pope Martin V ascended the Papal throne, he was influenced by the intrigues of the Jews, who represented themselves as victims of the Christians and now followed a policy of tolerance fateful for Christians. Therefore the Pontifex Maximus soon saw himself compelled, even if only seemingly, to alter the course, since the clergy dissatisfied with his policy urged him to this.

Whatever the reason may have been for the change in the conduct of the Pontifex Maximus, his renowned Bull “Sedes Apostolica” gives an idea of how the Jews accepted the protection, which this Pope granted to them for a time. The Bull mentioned goes back to his policy of good-will towards the Jews, and then it is stated further: “However, we received a short time ago through credible reports knowledge to our great alarm, that various Jews of both sexes in Cafas and over cities, lands and places overseas, which fall under the jurisdiction of Christians, are obstinate of mind and, in order to conceal swindling and wickedness, wear no special sign on their clothing, so that they are not recognisable as Jews. They are not ashamed to give themselves out as Christians before many Christians of both sexes of these cities, districts and places mentioned, who could not in fact identify them, and consequently commit shameful things and crimes, among others the crimes of Zachi, Rossi, Alani, Minfredi and Anogusi, who are baptised according to the Greek Rite and as Christians buy as many persons of both sexes as is possible to them, then godlessly sell them further at a tenfold price to the Saracens and other unbelievers, and bring these persons as wares into the land of the Saracens or unbelievers."18

But the ingratitude of the Jews finds even clearer expression, if one reads what Jewry writes officially in its already quoted Encyclopedia concerning Pope Martin V: “The friendly conduct of Martin was probably to be for the greatest part attributed to the rich presents, which agents made to him. Without immediate payment nothing was wished from him. With the corresponding amount everything was easy to attain. “At the Papal court friendship ceased, if the money runs out,” wrote the German ambassador at the Vatican. Whatever the motive for the Papal good-will may have been, the fact is that it was continued under Eugen IV (1431-47) in spite of some hostile Bulls, which to a certain extent confirmed the old Jewish legislation. Especially his “Dudum ad Nostram” was hostile and contributed to creating a Ghetto atmosphere for the Jewish community. He saw himself compelled to give way to the pressure of the Spanish clergy and of the Council of Basle."19

Even if one believes that the Jews bought Pope Martin V with gold, then they ought to have kept silent out of a natural feeling of gratitude and not sully his honour in such a way as they do even in an Encyclopedia through corresponding allusions. At all events, in this as in other cases the pro-Jewish policy of a Pope–contrary to the laws of the Ecumenical Councils, of the Bulls and the doctrine of the earlier Popes and Church Fathers–had once again catastrophic consequences and brought the Church and all Europe in the middle of the 15th century close to disaster. Martin V through his giving way to a half extent, unchained the beast, which through the energetic policy of the earlier Popes and Councils had been laid in chains, and simultaneously Jewry in Europe once more gained an enormous power. The great secret Jewish revolution of the Hussites, which one believed to have ended in Constance, took on giant proportions, and threatened to destroy the Church and to swallow the whole of Europe.

The alarm of the world bishoprics against the Pope increased in a form which aroused concern, and the thesis, that the Ecumenical Council stood above the Pope, gained more and more in strength. For it was said, that a man could easier fail than the entire Bishopric, and that in addition the support which God granted Holy Church, became effective through the Council and not through the Pope. Under these circumstances his Holiness was pressed to fulfill the determination of the Council of Siena and to summon a new Ecumenical Council in Basle.

It is understandable, that in this situation, as Juan de Ragusa says, the mere word Council horrified the Pope enormously. (In inmensum nomen concilii abhorrebat”)20

When the Pontifex had already summoned the Council and it was on the point of assembling, Martin V. suddenly died, and the ship of Holy Church steered upon a stormy sea under the leadership of Eugen IV, who suffered from the consequences of his predecessor.

The Synod of Basle supported the thesis approved at the Council of Constance, that the Ecumenical Council receives its power direct from God and represented the disputing Catholic Church. For this reason everyone of the faith and also the Pope was compelled to obey it in all questions of belief, the elimination of schisms and in Church reform. In addition it was ordered, that every Catholic and even the Pope, who did not respect the resolutions of the general Synod, should be correspondingly punished and that the Council could not be dissolved by the Pope.21

At the Council of Basle not only the doctrine approved in Constance was confirmed but it was also refused the Pope to appoint new cardinals during the duration of the Synod. The situation worsened, when the Pontifex Maximus dissolved the Council and subsequently recalled the decree of dissolution, in order to later lift it again. The Council on its side condemned the Pope and deposed him.

In the midst of this storm the Hussite revolution in Europe which was organised and financed by the secret Jews made shattering progress. All seemed lost for the Church, when divine providence as always stood by her through the work of extraordinary men, who saved her from her fate and were not only able to strengthen her unity but also to completely defeat the “Synagogue of Satan” and its great revolutionary movement in the 15th century. Among these clergy a simple Franciscan, Juan de Capistrano, particularly distinguished himself, who led the tremendous struggle, which had as consequence the complete victory of the Church over Jewry. This devout Franciscan fought the beast with his sermons and also with the sword, which he thrust into the throat of the dragon, until he had conquered it. Therefore the Jews call him the “scourge of the Jews.” But we can make the assurance, that this is saying too much–St. Juan de Capistrano was the most energetic, most successful, anti-Jewish leader of Catholics after our Lord Jesus and the Apostles. The desolation which he called forth in the “Synagogue of Satan”, is regarded by various Jews as the worst of all. But Holy Church has already passed its final judgement on this fighter and canonised him.

St. Juan de Capistrano, who saved the Church and Europe in the 15th century, deserves to be regarded by the patriotic organisations, who at present fight against Jewry, as a guardian saint. In heaven he, who won a similar struggle, will be the most valuable interceder with God and apply himself for those who follow his holy footsteps and in the present fight to defend the Church and their nations against the Jewish Imperialism of the “Synagogue of Satan.”

St. Augustine, the great Church Father, asserts and proves in his treatise on the Psalms, clearly and distinctly, that the Jews and not the Romans killed Christ.22

Meliton, Bishop of Sardes in Libya and one of the most revered figures of the Church in the 2nd century, asserted: “But the Jews–as it was prophesied–rejected the Lord and killed him. Even if his death was predicted, then nevertheless his guilt was voluntarily recognised. They are lost, but the faithful, to whom Christ preached in hell, and those upon earth, participate in the triumph of the Resurrection."23

St. Hippolyte of Rome, a contemporary of Origen, makes the Jews responsible for their misery and misfortune. He was a martyr of Holy Church and was canonised.24

Saint Thomas of Aquinas recognised the necessity of placing the Jewish beast in chains, so that it did not cause further harm, and declared in his teaching: “The Jews must according to the Statute of the general Council, wear a distinguishing mark … The Jews may not retain what they have appropriated through usury and are obligated to raise up again those who have destroyed … The Jews live in eternal servitude on account of their guilt. The Lords can therefore take away from them everything and leave them only what is necessary for life, unless it is forbidden through the Holy Laws of the Church."25

Without doubt the members of the “Fifth Column” who wish to condemn the antisemites, would also bring Saint Thomas of Aquinas into the accusation box.

In his treatise “Adversus Judaeos” Tertullian brings grave charges against the Jews. In “Scorpiase” he asserts that “the Synagogues are the starting points for persecutions of Christians” and in “Ad Nationem” he mentions, always in connection with the events eighteen hundred years ago, but which coincide astonishingly with those of the present day: “From the Jews issue the slanders against Christians."26

All these blasphemous and slandering campaigns are used today as 1800 years ago especially by the false Christians or those who have gained important positions in the clergy, in Catholic or worldly associations or in the parties of the Right, in order to destroy the anti-Communist and anti-Jewish leaders. From the secret gatherings of the synagogue emanated today also as eighteen centuries ago the Christian persecutions, which are especially directed against those who successfully fight against Communism or Jewish Imperialism.

Jaime Balmes, the renowned philosopher of the past century, accused the Jewish merchants in France and Spain of importing Calvinist Bibles in French wine bottles, in spite of the zeal of the Inquisition.27

The great Church Father, St. Augustine, himself held certain slaughters of Jews for a punishment of God and made the assurance that many Jews were later crucified, because they crucified Christ. Thus Titus during the siege of Jerusalem had 500 Jews crucified daily.28

Origen also accused the Jews, of having nailed Christ to the cross.29

Pope Paul II refers in his Bull “Illius Vides” of 12th October 1535 clearly to the Jewish falsehood and condemns the Christians, who pay homage to Judaism in secret. From this important Bull we take the following paragraph: “We have received knowledge that in the greatest part of the Kingdom of Portugal several converts from Jewish falsity–called new Christians–return to the Rite of the Jews…"30

Pope Paul IV says in his renowned Bull “Cum Nimis Absurdum” of 12th July 1555: “It is too absurd and pointless that the Jews, whom their own guilt condemns to slavery, under the pretence that Christian piety suffers and tolerates their coexistence, pay back the mercy received from Christians. Accordingly it is ordered in the holy Bull, that the Jews must wear the determined distinguishing mark and should live in Aljamas (ghettos).31 This renowned Pope likewise speaks of Jewish ingratitude and of the necessity of causing them to live in servitude and mentions how they attempted more than four hundred years ago to rule over the Christians and used the magnanimous hospitality, which those show them who tolerate them in their regions. As consequence of this he passed the command to enclose them in Almajas and ordered that they must wear the famous distinguishing mark, so that they could be identified. If this famous Pope had lived in our time, he would have undoubtedly been accused and condemned by the members of the “Fifth Column” on account of race hatred and anti-semitism.

More than seven hundred years ago, Pope Innocence IV declared in his important Bull, “Impia-Judeorum-Perfidia” as follows: “The divine falsity of the Jews, from whose hearts our Saviour did not tear the veil on account of their enormous crimes, but caused them to still go blind, as is just, do not pay heed that Christian pity only accepts them out of mercy and patiently bears coexistence with them, and commit acts of shame, which set those who hear of them, in astonishment, and fill those with terror, who receive report of it.”

Since this Pope assumed, that the “Talmud” and other secret books of the Jews incited them to every possible wickedness, he ordered in this same Bull, that they should be burned publicly. “In order to confuse the false Jews."32

Nicholaus IV, one of the Popes, who fought with the greatest energy against secret Jewry, passed against the Jews his famous Bull “Turbate Corde”, in which he exhorted the Inquisitors, clergy and worldly authorities, to proceed with zeal against them and also against those who defend, favour or conceal them. This Bull was one of the firmest foundations of the Holy mediaeval Church in the struggle against the “Jewish Fifth Column” in Christianity, whether it was now a matter of clergy or laymen or they were recognised as secret Jews or their accomplices or protectors. Thus anyone needed only to protect a secret Jew or heretic, in order to be prosecuted by the Papal Inquisition. One will understand, that while the Popes gave their support to the determinations of these and similar Bulls and the already studied Laws of the Councils of the Lateran, the Jews found it difficult to penetrate into the Christian citadel. Only when Martin V and Leo X did not heed these Bulls and Councils, could the “Synagogue of Satan” at first transiently and later more definitely, divide Christianity.

From this interesting Bull (“Turbate Corde”) we take the following: “With troubled heart we hear and bring to mind that many of those converted from the error of Jewish blindness to the light of Christian faith, have fallen back into their former falsehood. Also many Christians have denied the Catholic faith and exchanged it for the Jewish rite, which must be condemned … proceed with emphasis against all who make themselves guilty of this crime, against the heretics and their promoters, protectors and defenders. As far as the Jews are concerned, who have occasioned Christians of both sexes to their revolting rite or draw them over, they must be punished as they deserve."33

The Jewish authors explain that these Christians converted to Judaism were in general descendants of the converts who were baptised in childhood and were later secretly introduced into Jewry.

Since we must close this work, we see ourselves compelled not to quote from countless Bulls of the most famous Popes, which condemn repeatedly Jewry or which represent an important episode in the enormous centuries long struggle of Holy Church against the Jews. In the following part of this book we will study further important documents. We leap over in a moment a great space of time and place ourselves almost in the present. In the following we will reproduce what Jewry says officially in its quoted Encyclopedia about Pope Leo XIII, a genius of modern time: “Leo XIII (1878-1903) was one of the most famous Popes, but never forgave the Jews, that they supported Italian and European Liberalism in general. He placed them equal with the Freemasons and usual revolutionaries and supported the anti-Jewish reactionaries in Austria and France."34

Here we have once again the firm conduct in the defence of Holy Church and of the Christian world by one of the greatest Popes of all times, who clearly knew the Jewish problem exactly and made the Jews responsible for Freemasonic activity, which played an important role with the Liberal revolutions.

The elaborations in this and the remaining chapters of this volume suffice in order to prove that the members of the “Fifth Column” in the clergy, by their condemning race hatred and anti-semitism, wish to bring into the accusation box not only our Lord Jesus and the Apostles but also the Church Fathers, the most renowned Ecumenical and provincial Councils and the most respected Popes–to put it briefly, the entire Church. Their infamous intentions are incited through the ignorance which unfortunately prevails in the clergy, which does not know the true Church history. These Judas Iscariots of the 20th century believe under shield of this ignorance to catch in their mousetrap the most devout and good-willed Church dignitaries. But we know that divine providence will prevent such a terrible crime and will never allow, that its Holy Church is silently condemned by its own dignitaries. We have–following the example of St. Bernhard–held it necessary to contribute with our grain of sand, so that the victory of the conspiracy will be prevented, according to the old motto: “God helps those who help themselves.”

The mere fact, that the Holy Chair would contradict the doctrine established by Holy Church in the way and manner revealed by us and would declare, that the “infamous Jews” are loved by God, as the “Synagogue of Satan” plans in the shadows, as well as give way and conclude an alliance with them, which neither our Lord Jesus nor the Apostles, nor Holy Church did in almost twenty centuries, would be not only a visible degradation and simultaneously condemnation of the doctrine and the policy of our Saviour, of the apostles, the Popes, Saints and Councils, who fought so much against the “Synagogue of Satan”, but would bring the Church into a false position. Her enemies could then prove, that, what she once held for bad, is now good, and what was once black, is now white, which would have catastrophic consequences as one can easily imagine. But this cannot occur. The faithless Jews, who already believe they control the Holy Chair and base themselves upon a group of cardinals and prelates, which is strong enough in order to destroy the essential tradition of the Church and to open the doors to Communism and to carry out reforms, which prepare the decline of Christianity and hasten the fall of the free world, do not reckon with the fact that God supports His Holy Church, among whose dignitaries a present day Ireneus, Athanasius, Chrysostom, Bernhard or Capistrano will arise, who with help of divine providence, will once again save her from the storm.

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