28th September 2021

Dear Fr. Sélégny,

Re: “Considerations on Vaccination Against Covid-19” dated 24th September 2021

I write in response to the most recent article SSPX released on the morality of the vaccination and the Covid-19 situation.

I’m writing as a deeply concerned medical doctor who is worried for the welfare of the priests (who will be judged for their actions as they are guiding the salvation of many souls) and the laity who will be acting on the erroneous advice detailed in your letter.

I’m sorry to be so blunt Father but this subject is too grave for diplomacy and I beg to differ on almost all the points that your article puts forward. Unfortunately, your attempts to answer various objections fail because the premise of your answer is incorrect — that is, it presupposes the fact that there is a genuine pandemic, that what we have been hearing from government departments and medical professionals in the media is the truth and that these vaccinations are like any other medical treatment or intervention.

Introduction and Objectives​

I understand that in the last 20 months it has been sometimes impossible to find the knowledge one seeks due to the unprecedented censoring which has occurred on a global scale. The search engine algorithms across all mainstream sources have been altered so even if you do type in specifics, it will not often appear on the first page.

The objective of my letter is to simply provide you, from a medical perspective, the context in which we find ourselves as medical professionals in order that you may have the knowledge to come to a decision about the morality of the vaccination as well as the truth of what is currently going on in this “pandemic”.

I have attempted to break down the letter to cover the most important medical and biopsychosocial aspects of the current fraudulent climate.

The Crucial Role of the SSPX​

An interesting point I have noticed among Catholics — novus ordo and traditional — is that they all have one thing in common, sentiments aside, they all look to the SSPX for guidance in difficult situations as they know the SSPX has always been unwavering and unapologetic in its defense of the objective truth.

The stance of the SSPX, which in the past, has been the beacon of light within the church, must continue to be firmly grounded on objective truth. The objective truth, irrefutably worldwide, by thousands of medical professionals is that we are in the middle of a pandemic of fear and irrationality with one goal alone — complete totalitarian control.

Over the last 20 years, I have frequently referred to the SSPX bioethics guidelines and have always been reassured by the clarity put forward in answering difficult questions such as morality of organ donation, fetal cell derived vaccines and other such topics. Articles by priests such as Fr. Peter Scott were written clearly and precisely and with no ambiguity. The SSPX bioethics stance frequently challenged that of the Pontifical Academy and very rarely left the question to ‘prudential decision making’.

The guidance by a priestly author is invaluable due to a priest’s deep intellect and knowledge of philosophy, metaphysics, theology and of course the light of faith and the grace they receive through their office.

I also am fully aware that I am taking a risk in the current climate in Australia by writing the below. However, firstly as a Catholic, and secondly as a medical doctor, I cannot remain silent for what I see as the greatest medical and moral catastrophe of our times and the culmination of the fulfillment of the prophecies of Quito and Fatima.

In such dire times a priest must not and cannot leave the decision making to the ‘prudential decision making’ of their flock. In the current climate, this is the equivalent of throwing your flock to the wolves. Particularly when to arrive at a prudential decision one must have the knowledge first to arrive at a prudent decision.

As St Thomas Aquinas says “No one is bound by a command unless the command reaches him who is commanded; and it reaches him through knowledge of it. As in physical things the physical agent binds another by contact, so in spiritual things a precept binds only be means of knowledge”.

The Context — Global Ushering of Communism through the Trojan Horse of the ‘Vaccine’​

Plainly put, we are on the brink of either accepting or resisting the ushering of communism and the New World Order.

In the words of Michael Yeadon, Former chief Scientist of Pfizer, the objective of this fraudulent ‘pandemic’ is to achieve ‘complete totalitarian control through mass depopulation’ and at this very moment in history we are ‘standing at the very gates of hell’.

The practical means of acceptance to the communistic agendas lie in the very acceptance of this vaccination. The resistance to this vaccination is the very point that forms the major push back to the globalist agendas.

The vaccination, objectively speaking, is experimental, offers no protection against the disease and is harmful in itself (either in the immediate or in the near future).

Therefore, I do believe that it must be seriously considered whether the vaccination itself does indeed warrant an a priori condemnation for these reasons alone.

The precipice that Australia stands on right now — we are the beta test case for the rest of the world. Secular geopolitical experts believe this firmly. It is the rapid deterioration of the situation in Australia — particularly in Melbourne and Sydney that has prompted me to write this letter as a matter of urgency.

The situation is currently reaching breaking point in Australia and we are at a brink of crossing into a fully blown communist police state. Nothing of what I write here is based on exaggeration but hard facts and has the support of over 200 doctors and many other politicians and lawyers in Australia alone. Many of the politicians have been stood down, the lawyers stripped of their registration, the doctors deregistered and political aspirants jailed (including an SSPX parishioner).

If the the vaccination mandate passes in Australia and is openly accepted there is no turning back and the rest of the world will follow suit and will be plunged into the darkness of communism. It is utterly naïve to believe that there is any other alternative in the future given we are literally seeing played out in perfect precision the steps from the communist playbook.

Archbishop’s Lefebvre’s words in 1979 today echo as truly prophetic “We are going, at the moment, towards a socialization which apparently for us, does not seem as hard as the one of communism but which, in the end, will be simply an image of communism, but realized by scientific means instead of being realized by force”.

Covid — The Global Fabrication of Death Toll​

It is essential to understand that it is an indisputable fact that the global death toll from Covid has largely been fabricated through manipulation of statistics. All doctors in Western countries (Australia, US, and UK included) received directives in February 2020 about how to certify deaths. We were specifically ordered (for the sake of ‘ease of statistics’) to write “COVID-19” as the primary cause of death if the patient tested positive to Covid-19 regardless of what the primary cause of death was. I received such a directive personally.

This meant that patients who died from Cancer, Heart Attacks, strokes, accidents and even suicides were counted as Covid-19 Deaths. Eight months later an audit of these deaths saw the initially inflated mortality of 5% drop down to a mere 0.3%. The mortality of Covid-19 continues to be 0.3% worldwide.

More importantly the global all-cause mortality rate for 2020 remains unchanged (7.6 per 1000) to the previous seven years, and lower than 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

PCR Test — Not For Diagnostic Purposes​

The PCR test which is widely being used has never, and was never intended to be used as a diagnostic tool of disease in medicine. The very inventor of this test, Kary Mullis, has condemned the fraudulent use of the PCR in guiding community case numbers. When used correctly, it can have a false positive rate of up to 60%. It can be easily manipulated (by running increased amplification cycles) at which then the false-positive rate can be up to 100% .

In true communist fashion, the silence of the people in Australia has been bought by money. The government paid $1500 per fortnight while in lockdown to individuals. To encourage testing, while waiting for results of every PCR Test you undertake you are eligible for a $450 payment.

Please note that a disease, by definition, must have clinical symptoms and the ultimate diagnosis must be a clinical one, not merely a presence of a positive test. This test is telling people who have no symptoms that they are sick. This has then allowed them to create the myth of an ‘asymptomatic carrier’. Recently, the FDA in the US withdrew a variety of PCR tests as they admitted the tests were faulty and could not differentiate between Covid-19, the common cold and influenza.

Morality of Vaccines — A secondary consideration​

Priests have inappropriately, made this into a moral question when it is most certainly not, i.e. what I mean by this is that the first thing that the faithful should know is that there is a fraud being perpetuated on them; this is the main issue and only after this is fully understood and accepted does it become permissible to speak about moral culpability.

As you will see later on, once this primacy of issues is focused on, the secondary issue of morality becomes miniscule if not utterly irrelevant.

From a purely practical or medical perspective, the indisputable facts remain that:

  • There is no need for a vaccine medically for a disease that has a survival rate of 99%
  • There exist highly safe and effective treatments for those who are unwell
  • The global all-cause mortality rate for 2020 was unchanged to the previous 7 years
  • The vaccines are essentially genetic engineering
  • The experimental vaccines are neither safe nor effective
  • The vaccines have extremely high rate of adverse events including death
    • USA: Deaths: 14,000, Adverse Events: 700,000+
    • Australia: Deaths: 415, Adverse Events: 48,000+, Covid Deaths: 1
  • The higher the vaccination rate of the country, an increased death rate will follow due to mutant escape variants and the disease inducing nature of the spike proteins.

References to Experts in the Field in Support​

The information that I have alluded to below is based on medical fact and hard research. I am in the middle of the busiest and most stressful time of my career and I do not have the time to reference this document. There are thousands of doctors around the world who are challenging the narrative but they are being heavily censored.

You will not be able to find them easily on Google or YouTube unless you type in specific titles. Better to use alternative search engines or rumble or bitchute (for videos).

Experts in the field (Continued)​

The following names below are only a few of the names who are fighting this battle against blatant lies.

  • Global Covid Summit (Sept 2021), https://doctorsandscientistsdeclaration.org/
  • The Great Barrington Declaration, Signed by 60,000 doctors, medical scientists and researchers.
  • World Doctors Alliance, https://worlddoctorsalliance.com/
  • Michael Yeadon, Former Chief Scientist of Pfizer for 16 years
  • Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize winning biochemist, inventor of the PCR Test
  • Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA technology
  • Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Medical Doctor and Virologist
  • FLCCC Frontline Critical Care Alliance, Dr. Pierre Kory et al
  • Dr. Tess Lawrie, former consultant to the WHO and creator of the BiRd Group
  • Dr. Reiner Füllmich, Lawyer
  • Dr. Heiko Schoening
  • Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche
  • Professor Dolores Cahill, Immunologist
  • Dr. Peter McCullough, US Cardiologist and Physician
  • Robert Kennedy Junior, https://childrenshealthdefense.org/
  • Covid Medical Network, (www.cmnnews.org)

The Vaccines — Concerns and Moral Implications in Detail​

The experimental vaccines in production currently are not vaccines in their traditional form (inactivated viruses injected to induce a mild immune response).

1. Gene Therapy, Genetic Engineering & Mutilation of the Body​

They are accurately termed ‘gene therapy’ vaccines (DNA or mRNA). They are able to be introduced into the host (human being) and then insert themselves into the cell of the host, and the cells themselves become ‘spike protein producing factories’. There is no ‘off switch’ for the spike protein production and hence the effects are unpredictable and can cause a wide range of disease or symptoms. The spike proteins have been shown to be pathogenic in themselves and possibly causing blockages in both small and large blood vessels of susceptible patients. With each cumulative dose received the risk of death or serious disability increases.

The other most disturbing aspect of the gene therapy vaccinations is the unknown capacity they have in altering or changing a person’s very being (i.e. genetic code, DNA, mRNA). These vaccinations are a form of genetic engineering. From a moral point of view this would be the equivalent of mutilation of our body. Furthermore, there is no telling what can possibly be done once this is inserted into the vaccine and administered. Unless one goes deep into the

medical literature on this topic, one does not have the ability to pass an affirmative recommendation on these vaccinations.

2. Experimental Vaccines and Vaccine Deaths​

These vaccines are experimental vaccines by official definition. The animal studies for these vaccines are due to finish in 2025. They have not passed any rigorous testing in humans. The initial animal studies for the Pfizer vaccines for example, all the mice died within a period of a few months.

The current death toll in the US of vaccine associated deaths surpasses all combined deaths, for all combined vaccinations in the last 30 years and currently sits at approximately 14,000. Adverse effects in the US are 700,000.

In Australia, in a period of 6 months (Jan 2021 - June 2021), there was 1 death from Covid but 415 deaths following the vaccines and 48,000 adverse events. The survival rate from Covid-19 continues to be greater than 99% worldwide.

In the USA, most outrageously, the definition of unvaccinated, according to a document from the CDC, has been officially changed to someone who has received a vaccination in the last 14 days, which means many of the unvaccinated deaths are likely to be vaccine induced deaths.

Many doctors strongly assert that the death post vaccinations are far higher than the official government numbers. In my own personal experience after talking to colleagues and friends over a period of 48 hours, I knew of 16 deaths (2nd degree) in my close circle alone ranging from age 23 - 70. Many of them are within the age 25 - 45 bracket. None of these deaths were put down as vaccine related deaths, despite all the doctors involved agreeing it was likely a vaccine induced side effect.

3. Intentional Suppression of Effective Early Treatment in Western Countries​

Furthermore, there is damning evidence that has shown the Western governments who signed these deals with the pharmaceutical companies not only indemnified the companies of all responsibilities of vaccine induced deaths or adverse events but also agreed to the banning of any medication that could be used as a treatment for the disease. This second point admittedly is from leaked contracts and not official sources; however, it is plausible and based on what is publicly observable, it is credible.

This would explain the worldwide suppression of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquinine in Western nations. The Australian government a few weeks ago provisionally authorized two experimental treatments developed by these companies (by Merck and Pfizer which cost the tax payer $5000 per dose, up to $50k for a single treatment protocol) and then subsequently banned two drugs (Ivermectin and Hydroxychlorquinine) which cost little over $100 for a total treatment dose and have shown exceptional efficacy in treating Covid-19, particularly when commenced early.

Meanwhile the developing nations such as India, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela who have allowed for these treatments to be freely available over the counter, have stamped out Covid19 in entire states.

4. Preliminary thoughts: Graphene & 5G — A Reason Altering Substance?​

The following information is information that I have only come across in the last 1 week but it is part of the most disturbing information yet. Former Pfizer scientists and whistleblowers have openly stated that all the vaccinations likely contain graphene. There are currently over 100 vaccines in production. The ingredients which form part of the ‘patented’ ingredients do not need to be disclosed until the patent has expired. I started looking into graphene only in the last week as it’s a topic of interest in research circles, including news from Japan where they withdrew the Moderna vaccines after 37,000 doses were found to have visible metal particles in them.

My preliminary research into graphene has unearthed some very disturbing facts. Graphene is a metal and can be used in nanotechnology. There has been a lot of money poured into research in the last 10 years in graphene under the guise of helping patients with Acquired Brain Injuries or other neurological disabilities. Graphene is one of the only few metals that can be used as an interface between human tissue and artificial intelligence (computers or

external controls).

In animal studies (in conventional medical articles) mice that had been injected with graphene could be controlled externally by a remote and they could increase or decrease their heart rate from an external source. In another animal study, a mouse that normally sees a cat reacts with fear. Fear produces a cascade of physiological and biochemical reactions in the body. When they injected the mice with graphene they could up-regulate or down-regulate the

fear response. They down-regulated the fear response and then when the mouse looked at the cat they were no longer afraid.

The above chilling studies have huge moral implications if the presence of graphene in all vaccines is true (and the more I speak to senior colleagues and the more research I do into the stakeholders of graphene holding companies and their close ties with key players such as the World Economic Forum, United nations etc the more I am convinced this is true).

This poses a very serious moral dilemma. Is taking the vaccine tantamount to taking a mind altering or reason altering substance? To me, this would also explain why there is such a push for ‘booster doses’ given that all medical evidence (including those in mainstream media) demonstrates that there is no benefit for booster shots. The only point I can deduce from the introduction of booster shots is to keep the levels of graphene at a steady state or titration that would allow it to be of use from an external source. I am beginning to think (but cannot verify) the external control source may be 5G towers.

Experts such as Dr. Bhattar advise that 5G millimeter waves has been used as a weapon in the military for many years. It can increase fear and the general state of adrenaline but also drop the oxygen saturations at short distances. This may well explain some of the stranger symptoms of Covid-19 that doctors cannot understand. These are just some of my preliminary thoughts and on discussion with colleagues, remain quite plausible. These plans would also line up logically with the World Economic Forum’s roadmap in 2016 for a biometric pass. This, in my opinion, will no doubt be opening the flood gates to the beginning of an accepted Eugenics program.

5. Aborted Fetal Cells — The reality of ongoing participation in child sacrifice​

I will not go into this point in detail as it has been exhaustively covered by some excellent articles, including the excellent article by Fr. Regis de Cacqueray quoting Dr. Pamela Acker’s work. “On the Use of the Criminal HEK 293 Line: The Question of the Morality of Covid Vaccine”.

I would just like to reiterate the main points in Fr. De Cacqueray’s outstanding article in the identification and enumeration of the sins committed to achieve the marketing of these ‘vaccines’:

  • Past sins: Original abortions, vivisection on human beings, Deprivation of both lives, natural and supernatural, Theft and Usurpation of Organs
  • Present sins: Cooperation in the industrialization of the human body.
  • Future sins: Encouraging the vicious circle of creating new fetal cell lines.

It must be stressed that the procedure of the abortion is child sacrifice, where when a child, kept alive, without anaesthetic, have their beating heart and their organs torn out of their body and then auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The blowing open of the ‘Planned Parenthood’ scandal in the US confirmed long held suspicions that aborted foetal organs and parts were being auctioned off according to their value.

Embryonic stem cells from aborted babies are used widely in medical research. I do not believe the vaccination companies' statements that claim they are using 1 cell from 1 kidney from an aborted foetus in 1970 to create cell lines. It makes no logical sense when you have an unlimited supply of fresh stem cells from new aborted foetus’ on demand.

I won’t go into this any further but will also refer to a simple article written by a Dominican Priest that points out to why using an abortion tainted vaccine is a grave sin at all times in this current climate. https://www.preciouslife.com/news/9...ul-to-take-or-facilitate-coronavirus-vaccine/

If Catholic patients specifically ask me about the morality of the vaccination, I advise them of the clergy who say it is a grave sin and point them to the appropriate sources (above article, Fr.Chad Ripperger’s video on morality of the vaccination and Archbishop Vigano).

More importantly, if they take the vaccination with full knowledge of the above they must do whatever it takes to remedy a mortal sin as the current circumstances do not warrant the acceptance of the vaccine.

Doctors' Complicity in Evil​

In Australia, many doctors who were hesitant about administering the vaccinations due to the known risks and the lack of safety data and the clear high mortality rate in overseas countries, immediately forgot their concerns when the government formally indemnified doctors of any wrong doing if a patient died or was seriously injured.

Doctors who were previously refusing to give the vaccinations, immediately signed on and started giving vaccinations, once their own financial security and job status was assured of.

Currently in Australia the doctors who are participating in the vaccination program get paid an amount for the consultation, an additional item for ‘counselling the patient to have the vaccination’, paid an additional item for administration of the vaccination and get paid $1000 cash incentive for every 50 mandated workers they administer the vaccine to.

Gagging of Doctors with a conscience​

Meanwhile, doctors who have voiced conscientious objections to the vaccines and their risks for their patients are threatened with deregistration by the medical board, labelled as ‘misinformers’ by state departments. Many of these doctors have been stood down.

It is for this reason that many of my colleagues are facing down the barrel of unemployment in the next couple of weeks because we would rather sleep with clear consciences than continue to be instruments of the state in the implementation of a medically unsound and dangerous program of inoculations that have no efficacy against prevention of the disease, reduction of mortality and all data has instead pointed to completely the opposite.

The highest vaccinated country in the world, Israel, has now announced that you will not be considered ‘fully vaccinated’ until the 4th booster shot is rolled out. They continue to have 5000 infections per day and virologists have all put this down to the high rates of vaccination which will cause mutant escape variants.

Therefore, priests leaving patients to ‘discuss their individual cases’ with their doctors is not an option. The doctors who are speaking the truth are being gagged and deregistered and likely within the next few weeks unemployed.

Medical Maleficence and State Sanctioned Murder​

An organization in Australia, which was involved in treating patients with an early treatment protocol containing Ivermectin successfully kept over 500 unwell patients out of hospital. The Therapeutic Goods Admistration (TGA equivalent of the US FDA) hounded this organization and personally went after its doctors and then astonishingly – with approval from the Australian government – for the first time in the history of Australian medicine withdrew the ability for doctors to prescribe a safe drug overnight.

The TGA changed the law overnight and withdrew the use of Ivermectin and reclassified it as a restricted banned substance. Their justification was that it was interfering with vaccine uptake.

The only 2 proven treatments of Covid-19 (Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquinine) are now banned in Australia. In Queensland, doctors have been jailed if they prescribe Hydroxychloroquinine. Furthermore, there is strong indication from staff on the ground in some NSW hospitals to suspect that vaccinated patients are treated with Ivermectin and they are purposely using experimental treatments on un-vaccinated patients. This is tantamount to state sanctioned murder.

This medical malfeasance started last year with the inappropriate use of ventilators in patients that did not require ventilators. There are 5 stages of escalation in treatment when oxygen concentration drops; the fifth stage is the use of a ventilator and requires the patient to be unconscious and therefore unable to react; the medical protocol was changed to skip the four stages and put people directly onto the fifth.

This had catastrophic consequences and it is suspected (and in many states in the US confirmed) that many deaths last year were not from the disease but a result of incorrect and premature medical interventions. Please note that the way hospital funding is set up in many Western Nations, for every patient with a discharge diagnosis of Covid-19 and who was ventilated the hospital received extra funding, normally ranging between $37,000 to $55,000 per patient stay.

Suicide — The True Silent Pandemic​

The untold true pandemic is one of suicide and despair. There is a deep spirit of fear and despair that is pervading the world. I have seen many patients have suicidal ideation and Post Traumatic Stress Triggered by the constant wearing of masks. My patients in the police force informed me that in a geographically small area where I was working last year told me that for a period of 3 months they were attending 2 suicides per day. The suicide rate in

Melbourne alone last year increased by 40% in adults.

In 2021, there has been an increase of 35% in child suicides. A Children’s Hospital a few weeks ago had 4 teenage girls commit suicide in one weekend. I am hearing stories from parents in tears about how their 10 year old can’t help about the thoughts they constantly receive about throwing themselves off the balcony. On the first day of the announcement of the construction workers mandate in Melbourne last week one worker threw himself off a building and his helpless workmate had a heart attack witnessing his death. The following day another construction worker committed suicide. Data on suicide is not publicized.

The Moral authority of the priest and overriding Medical opinion​

The body and the soul are so closely integrated that as a doctor, one cannot deny the impact of the soul on the body and vice versa. Modern medicine may refer to this as ‘mental health’ but it is nothing else other than the state of the soul. The church forbids a person to get drunk because it reduces the will and intellect of the person, the essential aspects that make one ‘human’. Surely the poisoning of the body and slowly diminishing one’s ability to rationally

think would fall into the same category?

The church always steps in to correct the errors which modern medicine encourage and celebrate. Modern medicine says to use contraception, kill your unborn baby up till 9 months (it is freely available in Victoria up till 9 months), and change your gender if you are unhappy. But the church and its priests have a moral obligation to step in and correct these errors. In these situations, a priest would certainly not tell his flock to consult their doctor for their medical opinion. Simply because medicine is failing to act on objective truth.

Gender reassignment surgery mutilates the body from the outside and defies God’s very making of you. This vaccine mutilates the body from within (entering your genetic code and leaving it open to alteration or tampering) and deteriorates the ability for the mind to function. The most frequent side effects that patients are experiencing are blackouts or what seems to be micro thrombotic events of the brain following the vaccines.

The Australian governments have indicated that their plan is for only vaccinated people to be able to attend mass. Will the priests enforce this on their flock and more importantly, will their consciences remain clear?

Make no mistake: We are at war​

We are fighting communism and the devil himself. I cannot help but see the parallels to the early Christians who were martyred. They were told that they can freely practice their faith and have an easy life and all they had to do was incense the Roman gods, just once.

Here we find ourselves standing at a crossroads. Instead of incensing the Roman idols we are asked to desecrate the temple of God (our bodies), bow down to communism, put incense to the altar of a blatant lie, and for this ‘small price’ we will supposedly ‘receive our freedoms’ and ‘practice our faith’. The early Christians using this same logic could have well told themselves ‘We can continue to practice our Faith and live life peacefully, so maybe we should agree with the Romans and their lie that the Emperor is a Deity’.

I understand completely the need for priests to go into hospitals and to administer the sacraments. However, from a morality point of view, is this at the cost of receiving a substance that may shorten your life, affect your reason, cause you to be a scandal to so many parishioners who will follow in your example and most important of all for you to stay silent and even be complicit in the face of clear and present evil?

The more Catholics and priests that receive the vaccine, the more that will follow in these dangerous steps and with each person who capitulates, they effectively add in another nail into the coffin of the remnants of Western Christian nations when we stand at the very moment where there remains a small chance, though miniscule, of turning the tide.

Priests — The Generals in this War​

The insight and advice that a priest can provide in the most difficult situations of life cannot be underestimated. A priest can reach hundreds, if not thousands by a precise letter outlining the issues at hand, the steps to take and most importantly the spiritual warfare to engage in and by the very nature of his office provide the necessary remedies to soothe the troubled soul during these difficult times. He will be able to put out in far clearer terms what I have

aimed to do in this letter.

The Real Target: Our Children​

The vaccination drive’s endpoint is to have our children and corrupt them. The separation of children from parents is already underwritten in our biosecurity laws. Melbourne is currently building a Quarantine Facility with the title of ‘The Centre for National Resilience’.

The future of the children is what is driving me first and foremost to write this letter. The Satanic rituals are always based on the sacrifice of innocent children. There has been an exponential increase of this in the last decade. Especially in light of the increased availability and acceptance of abortions, IVF (and the destruction of embryos), the production of vaccines from fetal cells, the mutilation of children placed on puberty blockers, gender reassignment surgery and the objective evidence of vast numbers of government officials who are complicit in the trafficking of children and pedophilia.

The overwhelming global data is that children are not at risk of coronavirus. However, there is mounting evidence on the deleterious impact of long-term fertility and health. The government however now is pushing for 5 year olds to receive this vaccination. There is also active investigation in looking at vaccinating children from 6 months old.

In Sydney, a few weeks ago, 25,000 children were herded into a stadium and vaccinated with their parents not allowed inside. 4 children died and 3 remain in a coma under police and military guard (again, this was not broadcast on Australian Media, but on international media, and has been confirmed by doctors on the ground). The children that died, the parents remained ignorant of this and continued to wait outside for their child to come out from the

stadium. There is a gag order on the parents whose [children] have died presumably not to derail the public health message from the government.

The main reason why many of the workers took to the streets last week in Melbourne was not only because of their work mandates but these workers realized that their acceptance or refusal of the vaccination is the only thing that currently stands between the government and the acquisition of their children under medical pretenses.

Our Lady Help of Christians — Our Guiding Light in times of darkness​

Our Lady of Buen Suceso [Good Success, Quito, Ecuador] when appearing to Mother Marianna expressly gave her reasons for her dire predictions for those in the 20th century so that ‘we may not be scandalized’. Our Lady then gave us the very weapons for these dark times in Fatima.

What has been a constant state of consolation to me in these dark times as that for the first time in the 10 years of practice as a doctor, I have never seen so many people turn to God in order to understand the dark machinations of what is going on around them.

Non-Catholics are realizing they are staring evil itself in the face and are searching for answers in the sublime. Catholics have been starting to take their faith more seriously. I have been able to have conversations about Fatima and Quito with many colleagues who are non-Catholic. They are seeing the evil for what it is and the Church must be the light that shines brightly amidst the darkness.

During these last 2 weeks, which for me have been the most physically and emotionally challenging weeks of my entire medical career, I remain content and continue to live in hope as I cannot ignore the other real change that is occurring everywhere I see. There are millions of people globally waking up to this lie. For the first time in a very long time there is an opening for people to begin to receive the light of Faith as they are presented with a bleak abject darkness as an alternative.

Many patients I speak to who are in extremely dire financial stress, still have the determination to withstand the vaccine and would rather be thrown into prison than be complicit with evil. Parents with terminally ill children are bravely making plans to face the future rather than to capitulate to evil. They are prepared to lose everything in an attempt to hold the line and to give their children a chance in the future. I was humbled to see how many simple patients spoke so clearly of this one shared vision.

I have also been touched by the humility of doctors who recently have stumbled upon the mountain of lies, some of whom have already received their vaccinations and some after experiencing catastrophic adverse events, looked into the ‘alternate theories’ and were confronted by the irrefutable evidence, realized their willful blindness and have chosen to bow down before truth and retract and correct their former statements publicly. I am not sure if I myself would have done so, if I was in their position, unless I was given the grace to act with such humility.

Practical Considerations​

“Indeed, any human act requires taking into account the moral object, the end and the circumstances — in particular those of time, place and means.”

Father, you yourself mentioned the above in your letter. There are real practical considerations that arise with the refusal of vaccinations. But it must be stressed that currently, as we stand, in every country, particularly Australia, the circumstances remain that at this very moment, every priest, parishioner, Catholic and person has the ability, by virtue of their refusal or acceptance of the vaccination, play a real role in reversing or slowing down the trajectory we are on. This is obviously in combination with spiritual warfare.

We are not yet at a point where vaccinations are physically forced upon us. The law, even though it does not seem like it, is still very much on our side. The governments in Australia are violating many laws, both domestic and international, with the introduction of the mandates. There are brave individuals who are fighting tirelessly to reverse this through the political and judiciary systems. They require us as individuals to hold the line and push back as much as possible through legitimate refusal of the vaccination under legal and moral principles that are designed to shield us from the very situation, we are finding ourselves in.

If we do not hold the line at this crucial time and instead buckle down for reasons of social acceptance or mere convenience, we betray them and their efforts and can wave goodbye to Western Christian Democracies. They need, at the very least, a minimum of the population to stand firm and say no. The fate of the rest of the world will follow that of Australia’s.

I understand fully that this will require great sacrifices on part of individuals and families, however, it is precisely these sacrifices that are the practical means of pushing back the communist agenda and even more importantly, when embraced in the spirit of sacrifice, will be the true heavy artillery in spiritual warfare. Particularly when offered up with the rosary and placing of complete trust in Divine Providence during these dark times.

If things change in the future, the circumstances change, as does the moral debate. We have not reached that point as yet, though we are very close. As our faith teaches us, we are to take each day as it is. We must hold the line.


I write you this letter not in the spirit of accusing the clergy of being wrong, but as a doctor on behalf of [those] whose profession has betrayed their sacred duty to safeguard the health of their patients above all else.

I will conclude by saying again, that the opinion of over 60,000 medical professionals and scientists is that we are being lied to by almost every level of government and the medical establishment.

The experimental gene therapies offer no protection or prevention against disease and are only harmful for the individual and facilitate the spread of illness.

In the unprecedented circumstances that the world finds itself in today, a shepherd cannot and must not leave their flock to make up their mind on their “personal choice” without offering appropriate moral guidance. Comparisons to choosing an insurance or a diet are grossly inappropriate comparisons. Priests cannot underestimate the effects of their words on the faithful.

I am begging you Father, as a parishioner, a doctor and a Catholic for the SSPX, as a matter of utmost urgency, to properly look into the morality of this situation and the ‘vaccine’ (experimental gene therapies) in light of the above.

The faithful must be adequately prepared to deal with the times that are no doubt upon us, both mentally and spiritually. It is estimated that the death toll from the vaccine (either through mutant escape variants, or the side effects of the vaccine) will be fully realized in the coming 6 months to 2 years. The priest is the only individual who is truly capable of preparing people for the devastation of what is to come in the coming months if mankind continues to head on this trajectory.

I am not speaking lightly when I say we are in the midst of the battle for the mass salvation and damnation of souls. I was hesitant to write this sentence as I am well aware of the insult that it comes across as lay person to be advising the clergy. But at the same time, I am well aware that many of the clergy are basing their moral decision-making on faulty medical data and I feel it is my moral duty to clarify these grave misconceptions in order to avoid the calamitous consequences that will naturally follow if this deafening silence continues.

Yours in Christ,

A Concerned Catholic Doctor

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