Sister Anne Marie of the Sacred Heart — Simple Vows
Photos and Video Added
Posted: 6 May 2019
Tags: Carmelites

Sister Anne Marie of the Sacred Heart, O.Carm — known in the world as Hannah Loeman — will be making public Profession of Simple Vows as a Carmelite Nun on Monday 13th May at 11am, at Holy Family Carmelite Hermitage, Corran South, Leap, Co Cork. All are welcome to attend.

Please feel free to send in your prayer petition before that date. It will be placed under the carpet upon which Sister will prostrate during the ceremony and she will beg her Divine Bridegroom to hear the prayers of all who have asked.

You can find the Sisters’ contact details on their website,

May God bless Fr. Thomas Le Gal from the CMRI, who, like a good shepherd, travelled from France in order to help and support these sisters, while the local Resistance priest believes that God is better served by boycotting and persecuting His sheep.

Please keep these sisters in your prayers, and if you are able to, consider supporting them with a donation. Even though they live a simple and frugal life, they are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet amidst their persecutions.

On the subject of our duty as Catholics to support the religious, allow me to quote an old friend of mine:

Here is a CARMEL for crying out loud! Contemplatives who spend entire days in silence and meditation. You’re telling me they’re rebellious, itching for division, etc.? Yeah right!

In the spiritual realm, a Carmel is like a nuclear weapons production facility. Talk about bolstering the Resistance!

Contemplatives and other unseen religious are the wind that fills the sails of the various priests who go out in public and preach, try to convert people, etc. The priests get to reap the results, but who EARNED those results? Cloistered religious.

May God’s will be done, and may we all persevere throughout all the ups and downs in this struggle!

Matthew McDevitt, CathInfo

The following video and photos were taken by the local newspaper reporter for The Southern Star. The video can also be found on youtube.