The Fence Is About To Collapse!

This reminds me of Luke 22:31-32, where Our Lord told Peter that he had prayed for him, because Satan desired to "sift" him. It looks like the sifting is still happening today, with people being forced to make up their mind, either for the Catholic Church and against the Conciliar church or for the Conciliar church and against the Catholic Church. There is no middle way, we're either either for or against Christ, either for or against His Church. Let's pray that there will be lots of wheat left over after the sifting!

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This article should be spread throughout all Catholic circles! Catholics need to wake up to what is happening in their own Church! The devil, in the highest place in the Church, is poised to bring down ruin, through the fence-sitters and the those who will not see. Indeed, the hierarchy wants to rid the Church of the cloistered orders, whose sole mission is to pray for the Church.

Thank you, dear Sister, for continuing to pray for our Holy Catholic Church. As you consistently raise the alarm through your vigilance to Tradition, the devil will continue to rage, through his minions, against you. Please know that you have all my prayers, especially to our Holy Mother Mary, who protects all her children in this hard-fought war.

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