The Jew in the Mystery of History
Seven Conclusions
Source: Non Possumus
Translation: Tradidi
Posted: 23 March 2018
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In the next two chapters I will historically study these Jewish-Christian relations. What is indispensable here is to record the theological conclusions in the light of which history must be interpreted.

First Conclusion

The Jewish people, whose destiny was to bring us Christ, stumbled in Christ. Some of the people believed in Christ and raised themselves up on Him to form the root and the trunk of the Olive tree which is the Church. Another part of the people fell and renounced Him by calling upon the carnal vanity of the Jewish race and nation. This part of Israel was rejected and bears the blood of Christ as a curse. This part forms the actual Judaism, which is the legacy and continuation of the Rabbis who rejected Christ.

After Christ, there are only two ways for the descendants of Abraham: either to be Christians adhering to Christ, or to be Jews. He who knowingly does not sincerely convert to Christianity is a Jew with all the satanic perversities of that condemned race.

Second Conclusion

Judaism is a declared and active enemy of all people in general, and especially of Christian people. They play the role of Ishmael, who persecuted Isaac; of Esau, who sought to kill Jacob; of Cain, who put Abel to death. St. Paul, in his 1st Letter to the Thessalonians, says that the Jews are enemies of all men (2:15). Let us note that this is devastating and extremely crucial. They are theological enemies. I mean, they’re not an enemy by location, or blood, or [any other] interests. Theirs is an enmity ordained by God. The Jews, if they are Jews that is, if they have not sincerely converted to Christianity, they may not really cherish harming, ruining and corrupting Christians with their lies, or taking their possessions and goods and to subject them as vile slaves. They play a theological role in this as the devil does, whose children they are, to use the expression Jesus Christ used, who said of the Pharisees: “You are of your father the devil: and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning: and he stood not in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof”. (John, 8, 44).

Third Conclusion

If Jews are theological enemies, this enmity must be universal, inevitable and terrible. Universal, because it must be extended to all peoples, either by preventing Christianity or by accompanying it, and so we see that wherever Christianity goes there also the Jews go. There is no way around it, because it is a theological issue. Christianity and Judaism are to be found everywhere without any reconciliation and without any merging. Throughout history they [Jews and Christians] represent Lucifer’s fight against God, of the darkness against the Light, of the flesh against the Spirit. Throughout time they [Christians and Jews] represent the spiritual fulfillment and the carnal fulfillment of Scripture. It must always be that the letter is a servant of the Spirit, and this is why St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that the Jew is a servant of the Church.

It is a terrible enmity, because it is a theological one. In the Jew there is a mystery of iniquity, as taught by St. Jerome and St. Justin, in accordance with Jesus Christ and the Apostolic teachings. Don’t trust the Jew because he exercises his enmity while pretending to do you good. Jesus Christ anathematizes them by calling them hypocrites and liars many times over. The Jew inflicts injury without showing his hand. The Jews work behind the scenes, as the famous Jew Disraeli insinuates. And in this they do but perpetuate what they did to the Christ [the anointed One] one day - they conspired their secret plot against Him, but their plans were executed by the Gentiles. Thus Jewish activity in the world is carried out in the shadow of their secret councils, and the characters who seem to rule the people are nothing more than puppets handled by these children of iniquity.

Fourth Conclusion

After Christ was raised up high above Mount Calvary, the world has been handed over to two truly opposing powers: the Jewish [power] and the Christian [power].

In today’s world, in all manifestations of life there can be only two truly fundamental modes, two poles of attraction: the Christian and the Jew. Only two religions: Christian and Jewish. Only two internationalisms: the Christian and the Jewish. Everything that is not of Christ and for Christ is done in favor of Judaism. Hence, the de-Christianization of the world runs parallel to its Judaization.

Why can’t there be more than these two ways? Because these are the only ones ordained by God. They are the only theological ones. God has divided the world between Isaac and Ishmael, between Jacob and Esau, between Cain and Abel, between Christ and the Antichrist. All human powers have to gather behind one or the other.

Hence, for the Gentiles, and for us who have been given the vocation to the Christian faith, there are only two ways to go: either to Christianize or to Judaize ourselves. Either to anchor in the Olive of the Church or in the sterile Vine of Judaism; or to be children of Sarah the free woman, or of Hagar the slave.

The Gentile peoples, if they want to be free and great, have no other solution but to humbly adhere to the Church; they have no other greatness in their freedom than the incomparable greatness of the Christian nations of the Middle Ages, who forged the saints and heroes, who built the cathedrals, who educated the people in the contemplation of the saints, who gave them a sense of beauty in Gregorian chant and in the frescoes of an Angelico and Giotto, who sublimated their intelligence with the Summa Theologica of the Angelic Doctor. If the Gentile peoples, repudiating this greatness as obscurantist and gloomy, want to be great with the carnal greatness of Babylon, they can be great, yes, but only as servants of Judaism. Because the Jews have a superiority in the dominion of the carnal.

And here is what history tells us (as Werner Sombart proves) that the decanted greatness of English and American capitalism is nothing more than a Jewish creation. Unparalleled carnal greatness, but one that is the work of millions of Christians for the benefit of a handful of Jews.

Fifth Conclusion

The only defense and protection of the Gentile peoples from plunging into Jewish slavery is the Christian life. For Christ alone is the salvation of man. Hence, the Middle Ages did not suffer the domination of the Jews. The Jews laid their snares, but they never achieved domination.

The Jew’s Ode of Gratitude to the Church

The Church, recognizing the theological perversity that is in them [the Jews], knew how to subject them with wise laws and with an attentive vigilance so that they would not influence Christians. However, the Church has never hated the Jew. On the contrary, She has prayed for them and made others pray for them; She has defended them from unjust humiliations and persecutions, so that when the in 1807, for the first time after centuries, the Jewish Sanhedrin in France, summoned by Napoleon, assembled in public, they paid public tribute to the benevolence of the Popes in documents that have been preserved. (Collection des Actes de l’Assemblée des Israelites de France et du royaume d’Italie, by Diogène Tama):

The Israeli Deputies of the Empire of France and the Kingdom of Italy at the Hebrew Synod decreed last May 30th, penetrated with gratitude for the continuous benefits that the Christian clergy in the past centuries have bestowed on the Israelites of various States of Europe;

Full of recognition for the welcome that various Popes have given to the Israelites from different countries at different times, when the barbarity, prejudice and ignorance gathered together persecuted and expelled the Jews from the bosom of societies; they declared:

That the expression of these sentiments will be recorded in the verbal proceedings of this day so that it will remain forever an authentic testimony of the gratitude of the Israelites of this Assembly for the benefits that the generations that have preceded them have received from the Ecclesiastics of the various countries of Europe.

Sixth Conclusion

Christians, who may not hate Jews, who may not persecute them, nor prevent them from living, nor disturb them in the observance of their laws and customs, must nevertheless, protect themselves against the Jewish danger.

Protecting oneself as one who takes care of lepers. We may not hater lepers either, nor persecute or disturb them, but we must take precautions against them so that they do not infect the social organism. That is hard, no doubt about it, but it is unavoidable. Thus Christians are not to enter into commercial, social or political relations with that perverse caste that will hypocritically pursue our own ruin. Jews must live apart from Christians because they are commanded to do so by their Laws, as we shall see below, and also because they are “infectious” to other peoples.

If the other people reject these precautions, they will have to live with the consequences, that is, to be lackeys and pariah’s [goyim] of this race, to whom belongs the superiority in the kingdom of the carnal.

Seventh Conclusion

In the wandering and contemptible life of the Jew, which lasts at least eighteen centuries, we must recognize the Christian mystery. This is magnificently demonstrated by Fr. Joseph Léhmann, a converted Jew, in his book L’Entrée des Israelites dans la société française. (p. 3):

The Jew heaped reproach upon the Righteous One. He put a cloak of mockery on His back, a crown of thorns on His head, a reed in His hand, blows, spits, insults, insults, inhuries, shame of every kind they heaped upon Him, and they spared nothing that is opprobrious. And in the end the sold Him for the vile price of thirty coins.

Such opprobrium we see later in the life of the Jewish people, as punishment and sentence for their conduct. Moses had already announced it: “And thou shalt be lost, as a proverb and a byword to all people, among whom the Lord shall bring thee in.” (Deut. 28:37).

  • After the destruction of Jerusalem, Jews were sold like cattle in a auction. They sold the Just One for thirty denarii, and so at the fair of Terebinth and on the plains of Mambré they would give you thirty Jews in exchange for one denarius.
  • For centuries they were forbidden to come and weep amidst the ruins of Jerusalem.
  • Jews were excluded from society in return for the fact the Jew had excluded Christ as a leper among men.
  • The blow that in Toulouse, Béziers and other parts [of the country] they were obliged to publicly receive a deputy of the Jewish community on Good Friday.
  • The yellow wheel or star they had to wear on their chest or hat so they could be recognized as Jewish.
  • The Jewish quarters where they had to live crammed together.
  • The obligation in certain cities to pay even for the air they breathed, as in Augsburg, where they paid one guilder per hour, and in Bremen one duchy per day.
  • A Prohibition to appear in public from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.
  • Insults to the wandering Jew.
  • The mistrust or belief in the continued malice of the Jew, even in cases amongst themselves. In Puy, the dispute that arose between two Jews was brought before altar boys, so that the extreme innocence of the judges would expose the extreme malice of the litigants.
  • In Germany and Switzerland, they hung the Jew in mockery beside a dog, because the latter was a symbol of fidelity.
  • Permission given to all public officials to use infamous epithets against the Jews.
  • Expulsion from certain cities, every evening, at the sound of the trumpet of the Jews.
  • Their prohibition to bathe on the beaches where Christians bathe.
  • They were prohibited of walking in public areas. In German cities they put up a sign that said: Jews and dogs are prohibited from entering here.
  • A toll, charged as a fee for every Jew entering the city.

So how long will this great enmity between Jews and Christians last? Until God’s mercy sets the time for reconciliation.

St. Paul teaches us that the day will come when Israel will recognize the One they have denied (Romans 11):

25. For I would not have you ignorant, brethren, of this mystery (lest you should be wise in your own conceits) that blindness in part has happened in Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles should come in.

26. And so all Israel should be saved,

When that hour comes, which is in God’s hands, Esau will be reconciled to Jacob, that is, the Jews will become Christians, and then the word of the Prophet Ezekiel, spoken 500 years before Christ, will be fulfilled (Ezekiel 37) :

21. And thou shalt say to them: Thus saith the Lord God: Behold, I will take of the children of Israel from the midst of the nations whither they are gone: and I will gather them on every side, and will bring them to their own land.

22. And I will make them one nation in the land on the mountains of Israel, and one king shall be king over them all: and they shall no more be two nations, neither shall they be divided any more into two kingdoms.

27. And my tabernacle shall be with them: and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

Then all will be one “in the Christ”, because the Jews will cease to be “Jews” and the Christians will be true Christians, and peace will be established as the fruit of justice and charity in Him, the One Promised to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob, who is Jesus Christ, the Blessing of all ages.

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