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On 31 December 2017, the Syllabus blog was put on hold. But not because the owner gave up the fight, on the contrary. He entered the seminary.

Now consider that for more than five years he has brought us many excellent articles, to instruct us, to encourage us, and to warn us against the creeping liberalism inside the SSPX. Here's a few articles to refresh our memory:

No doubt this man will make an excellent priest, and he deserves our support (of which he received far too little as of today)!

Instead of buying a lotto ticket, or some shares in whatever business you think will increase in 'value', why not invest in a future priest? Why not adopt him as your spiritual son, pray for him, write to him, make sacrifices for him? This would be Catholic Action in action!

Even though his blog is in Spanish, he does understand and speak English very well. You can find his contact details at the Syllabus blog.