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One of the things that has worked the best, for me, has been GOING PUBLIC.  Public Talks.  Public Conferences, seminars, etc.  This will not appeal to everyone, but it's what worked best for me.  Unfortunately, speaking for myself, I am too old for this type of activity any more, as it takes a lot of planning and hard preliminary work to organize such an event that will bring out the right people and a decent number of them.  Still, I am as convinced as ever that the logic behind going public is very sound.  it's simply this: God's grace is at work in places we can't imagine.  My experience is that His grace touches sincere, truth loving, virtuous-minded souls in places we would not normally go or normally expect to find such good men - and that God wants us to reach these souls, to draw them out of, say, their SSPX churches, Novus Ordo churches, Protestant churches, conservative think-tanks, university ivory towers, corporate sink-holes, Jewish synagogues, Muslim mosques, Masonic lodges - whatever the case may be, it's God's call, not ours. 

Converts most frequently make the best Catholics.  By going public with our faith, we need not know who or where these souls are.  By going public we do not decide who we will recruit to the true Church, who is in need of the sacraments, who in need of being liberated from a life of lethargy; by going public they will be drawn to us for the truths we uphold and propagate, but only to the degree that we publicly uphold and propagate them. 

I have seen during these last 50 years the most amazing, most remarkable, most miraculous conversions of such people - time and again.  One example: When we started the first League chapter in 1997, our initial introductory meeting was exclusive to the men at our SSPX chapel (36 men attended).  Then, in planning subsequent twice-a-month meetings we advertised the subjects to be discussed during the next 6 months, things which all men - not only traditionalists, and not even only Catholics - would naturally be interested in , such as man's vocation to Christianity, manhood and religion, fatherhood and family, history, the Bible and salvation, Church and State, world religions, Catholicism (Conciliar or Traditional), education vs mind control, modern wars condemned by moral theologians, apologetics and our calling as co-missionaries, creation vs evolution, economics, the money power, secret societies and American politics, the 2 faces of Judaism (friend or foe of God), etc.

Amazingly, with our 2nd meeting (the first one we opened to the outside world), men poured into our traditional church - some 60 of them.  One was a fallen away Catholic who had been away from the Church for 40 years.  One was a liberal college professor.  One a recent convert from protestantism and was disillusioned by the liberalism of the Novus Ordo.  A sincere Freemason who had no clue about the organization of which he was a member for professional purposes.  We had men drive 150 miles round trip to attend the meetings.  We had a retired Novus Ordo priest give us his wholehearted blessing after listening to our presentation. 

I could go on and on.  Perhaps the most dramatic examples of the amazing fruits of CA was the turnout of some 450 people (standing room only) for one of our public talks given for the League by Fatima Priest Fr. Nicholas Gruner, and the Novus ordo priest from India who flew all the way to the US to meet with us, and to spend a week at the SSPX Retreat House to learn how to offer the Latin Mass.  he told us that it was the League's magazine Oportet Christum Regnare and promotional literature which inspired him to labor for Christ the King.  THIS ONE PRIEST RETURNED TO INDIA; IN TURN HE INSPIRED MORE THAN 100 YOUNG MEN AND THEIR FAMILIES IN HIS PARISH TO CONVERT TO TRADITION AND TO DEVOTE THEMSELVES TO CATHOLIC ACTION AND TO WORKING FOR THE KINGSHIP OF CHRIST IN THEIR COUNTRY!

Catholic truth is never so powerful and efficacious as when God's humble soldiers openly, publicly and courageously let it shine before others.  This is Catholic Action going public!

The reason traditionalists so often become discouraged is that they typically only look to the men in the pews next to them and too often see men of weak knowledge, of little courage, little fervor, little zeal, little militancy, and men with no inclination to helping set the world on fire for Christ.  They overlook the fact that there are very many OTHERS outside our own little traditional centers just waiting to hear from us, to be inspired by the awesome truths of our faith, inspired by someone, somewhere standing up proclaiming and articulating these truths in public - the fearless men of Catholic Action.


Hugh Akins, USA