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Note this step must always be in practice throughout all the other steps.

  • Amend your life! If that is not done first, then everything stops and nothing is done.
  • Study! Council of Trent, Encyclicals against modern errors, writings of Archbishop Lefebvre
  • Live the message of Fatima.


  • Stop the devil from coming in! Toss out TV, no more bad music or bad literature, no more worldly talk or worldly recreation, no immodest fashions for anyone or anything impure.
  • Lead by example! Every family member should see you as the ideal Catholic and by your good example will follow you.
  • Try as much as possible and practical to be self sufficient. Keep family life real and not virtual.

3. PARISH (for the Priests)

  • Enforce Modesty Standards. Tradition can never grow where immodesty is left alone. Once priests are afraid to correct or even to inform women of the specific modesty standards, then they will be fearful of anything controversial.
  • Fight and crush errors as they come. As soon as worldliness or other sins pop up in the parish, that sin must be crushed at once.
  • Lead the men in a united effort to stop whatever evil that can be stopped or prevented with the small numbers of the parish.
  • Every one must be called to sacrifice for the common good, such as support a talented young man from the parish with the funds he needs to be a priests, or even paying for a young man to be a Doctor that will in return come back to the town and provide services to the parish.
  • We must be united in such a way as we act as one unit with the same goals. Somehow the Jews, Muslims and mason all act to achieve their evil plots but us Catholics either do nothing or spend time fighting each other. (But this will require a leader that all is willing to follow, preferable it should be a Priest or a layman that is clearly a saint).
  • Preach against modern culture and errors in the Church. Tell the truth about the Jews and their plot against the Church, and tell the faithful to stop supporting evil pro-abortion supporting businesses and other industries that plot against the Church and good morals.


  • Charity outreach to the town to show the good will of Catholics
  • Send out the priests and trained laymen to the entire town to answer questions about the faith and make converts or bring back fallen away Catholics.
  • Run for all offices to control all local government positions.
  • When you have enough numbers (large families and making converts), move into small towns and take them over.
  • Support fellow Catholic businesses.
  • Catholic businessmen, give the best products and service so that everyone would want to support you. Give good example and not scandal.
  • Protect each other from the FEDS and be prepared to fight when they come to put you in the camps!!


  • As the years go by, so will the number of Catholics grow, then you can start running for State offices and take over the State as much as possible. (If itt works for the Muslims who have the devil on their side, then just image what we Catholics can do with God on our side. But this is assuming we are united in the Faith and act for the common good, each one helping each other).


M. G., Kansas, USA