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Coronavirus Farce

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Please copy, download and/or share this video, send it to your friends, neighbours and anyone else whom you think may have bought into the fear mongering that is destroying millions of livelihoods and causing much more harm and suffering than it is supposed to prevent.

What else can YOU do?

  1. Turn off the idiot box, aka TV. Politicians and presstitutes have a proven track record of being liars and deceivers, so why do you keep consulting the idiot box, day in day out? Instead..

  2. Educate yourself, think, read, pray, discuss, but pick your sources carefully. There are many good and reliable sources of information out there, not everyone is corrupt and driven by greed. Find out where you can go for balanced, honest, common sense information. Search and you will find.

Those who fail to do so, deserve whatever is coming at them.

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