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Based on the following observations and opinions :

  1. Just as the SSPX was only a lifeboat to help Catholics survive this crisis in the Church, so also is the Resistance only a lifeboat to survive the crisis in the Church and in the SSPX.  Neither the SSPX nor the Resistance can claim to be the Church at the exclusion of everyone else. There is still life outside of the lifeboats.
  2. Ideally the bishops of the Resistance should be taking the lead, and support who needs to be supported, and warn the faithful against those who are not deserving of our support. Unfortunately, I have reason to believe they are not always doing this.
  3. There is a certain apathy and lack of cooperation in some Resistance bishops, priests and chapels to publish their contact details so that other people can find their way to the Sacraments.
  4. Still, despite their faults and weaknesses, the Resistance still holds the safest position to survive the crisis in the Church and to keep the Faith: they have four bishops to guarantee the survival of the priesthood, to provide at least some sense of hierarchy and obedience (without which the Church will disintegrate even further), and most importantly, they are trying to neither err on the side of liberalism (like the SSPX and the other Ecclesia Dei communities), nor on the side of sedevacantism.


Therefore, the conditions to be listed in the directory on this site are:

  1. The priest in question must be validly ordained, lead a moral life and be doctrinally sound.
  2. The priest and/or chapel must not redlight the Resistance, either explicitly or implicitly.

Not to be listed are therefore:

  1. Any priest whose validity and/or doctrinal soundness and/or morality is disputed.
  2. Sedevacantists, since they habitually redlight anyone that does not share their errors, often going so far as to redlight other sedevacantists. That is a schismatic attitude which I do not want to support in any way.
  3. Those priests who are publicly known to be "non una cum", since they are simply transitioning towards sedevacantism, just as the SSPX is currently transitioning towards the Conciliar Church.
  4. Fr Pfeiffer and Fr Hewko, for the simple reason that their doctrine is not sound, their morality questionable and their redlighting of everyone else unacceptable.

Objections & Questions

  1. You cannot call this a Resistance directory then.
    Answer: Yes I can, because it aims to list only those priests and chapels that no Resistance bishop or priest will redlight, and that the Resistance faithful can therefore in good conscience attend.
  2. What about our SSPX priest who is still resisting from within?
    Answer: While I question the effectiveness and the morality of "resisting from within", I do recognize that there may still be good priests in the SSPX, and so they are welcome to list their chapel here if they do wish to do so.
  3. What about Fr. xyz?
    Answer: if you can convince me that he is valid, moral and doctrinally sound he is welcome to be listed here.
  4. What if I don't agree?
    Answer: write to any of our bishops and I will do my best to accept their verdict.

Samuel Loeman