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Is there any ecclesiastical authority for the following statement which I find in "Advanced Catechism " by the Rev. Thomas J. O'Brien (McBride & Co., 1901), page 246: "Easter water is for the baptismal font, and for blessing the faithful and their homes at Easter time, but should not be used instead of holy water at other times" ? 

Is it possible that it becomes unblessed after Easter: if so, what about that in the baptismal font? I have met this bit of curious teaching in many directions, but have been unable to trace it to its source. J. H. M.


The author's phrase "should not be used instead of holy water at other times" can hardly be intended to mean that the Easter water loses its blessing after the lapse of the Easter period. Though the phrase requires correction, so as to avoid ambiguity, it was obviously meant to convey the thought that Easter water should not become a substitute for the holy water, to be blessed at other times, and thus dispense at any time with the latter blessing, since Easter water was intended to be used chiefly as an Easter sacramental.