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The following data is taken from the 2015 Pontifical Yearbook (the last one published with precise figures):


There are 5,173 bishops in the official structure and 3 in the SSPX (0.05%).

For every SSPX bishop there are 1,724 liberal bishops.


There are 415,348 priests compared to just over 600 in the SSPX (0.1%).

For every SSPX priest there are 692 liberal priests.


There are 1,254 million Catholics, of whom the SSPX contributes no more than 20,000 (0.001%).

For every SSPX member there are 62,700 liberal members.


How can anyone in their right mind think that the SSPX, once "normalized" by a gravely abnormal Rome and molded into a personal prelature under the dominion of the overwhelming majority of liberals, will be able to resist that overwhelming majority?

They've got a name for this: a "crazy and suicidal recklessness" disguised as "trusting in God".