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To read the full article, follow the supplied link. Here’s a few pertinent excerpts :

Is it pure coincidence that these top European leaders are involuntarily childless? Possibly, but not very likely. In fact, they are a reflection of Europe and that continent’s lack of will to reproduce and place the family at the center, literally as well as culturally. This disturbing trend threatens to bring down Europe.

The other characteristic shared by childless leaders is their multicultural, globalist policies, replete with open borders, mass immigration, and the traditional family - at least that of Europeans - fragmented into atoms and replaced by an individualistic lifestyle. Families are increasingly becoming a pragmatic construction based on individual whim and preference.

The defining characteristics of feminism are not femininity and fertility, but barrenness and infertility.

The feminist ideology views childbearing and children as an obstacle to self-realization. This is why they fought for abortion on demand, and with the contraceptive pill introduced at the same time, this was something easily attainable. Men have obviously adopted the same attitude.

Parenthood teaches men and women alike to set aside themselves and make a sacrifice for another human being. This role is not part of the life experience of many European leaders. Neither have they any on whom to bequeath their culture. They act as individuals, on the basis of immediate benefit. Self-realization and a successful career seem much more important than passing on a bequest of life, building a family and a culture. They have no sense of kinship with future generations.

The decline and fall of Rome has been explained by its decadent and ‘bachelor culture,’ much like what afflicts us in northern Europe. It is important that those who want to keep Western civilization alive do not amputate its roots and then think that it can still survive. Or should survive.