All Saints

November 1

Character Calendar

In addition to the saints whom the Church honors day by day, there are hundreds whose names are not recorded. Among them are undoubtedly members of our own family. It is to honor all the saints in heaven that this feast has been established.

This day we keep, with one great cry of joy, a feast in memory of all Gods holy children; His children whose presence is a gladness to heaven; His children, whose prayers are a blessing to earth; His children, whose victories are the crown of the Holy Church. — Second Nocturn, Fourth Lesson, St. Bede

The Imitation of Christ
It is a great honor, a great glory, to serve Thee, and to despise all things for Thee.
In a few years, this will be our special day of celebration in heaven, if we have lived a holy life, day for day, that is.
Do not waste your time wishing you were a saint. That gets you nowhere. Will to be one. How? That sharp answer you were just going to give to so-and-so, don’t say it. The unkind remark you were about to make, say something kind, or say nothing. That complaint about your aches and pains, or about the weather, swallow it; be glad you have something to suffer to prove your love for God. And so on, through this day, do the lovely things you have been doing all these days in conformity with the suggestions on this bulletin. If you succeed in doing most of those things today, you will probably find it possible to do the same tomorrow. By and by, it will become a habit to do things right and you’ll be a saint before you know it.
He that perseveres to the end, he shall be crowned.