Blessed Herman Joseph April 7

Blessed Herman Joseph was devoted to the Blessed Virgin in a very special manner. As a child, he spent much of his playtime in the church near the statue of the Blessed Virgin where he received many favors. Once our Lady took an apple from Herman which he offered her in pledge of his love. His companions called him Joseph because of his love for Mary.

Thy suppliant people, through the prayer

Of the blest saint, forgive;

For his dear sake Thy wrath forbear

And bid our spirits live. — Lauds: Hymn

The Imitation of Christ
By two wings is man lifted above earthly things; viz., by simplicity and purity.
This dear young saint is too charming for words. You know the story of his bringing an apple to the Infant Jesus, do you not, and our Lady reaching down to accept it?
Read the life of this sweet and simple saint; you will like it certainly. Try to establish in your own life a personal relation with our Savior and His Blessed Mother. Of course, you cannot see them when you go in to talk things over with them, but you cannot see your mother either when you speak to her by telephone, can you?
Lord, I believe; help Thou my unbelief,