Christ The King

October 25

Feast of the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This feast was instituted at the end of the Holy Year of Jubilee by His Holiness Pius XI. This feast sets the crowning glory upon the mysteries of the life of Christ already commemorated during the year.

Ruler of all from heaven’s high throne.

O Christ, our King ere time began.

We kneel before Thee, Lord to ow.

Thy empire o’er the heart of man.

— Second Vespers of the Feast, Hymn

The Imitation of Christ
For the sake of Jesus, we have taken up the Cross; for Jesus’ sake let us persevere in it. He will be our helper, Who is our Captain and Forerunner. Behold our King marcheth before us, Who will fight for us.
Just before the Grand Review which our King, the King of kings, is to have on the first of November, He Himself holds a reception. Always He is the meek and humble Christ, going about among men in the hidden guise of the Eucharist. Even today He makes no sound. What glory shall come to Him, must come through the spontaneous offering of His loyal subjects. And shall we not glorify Him?
Will you not glow with pride today to be a follower of Christ? Let there be an exultation in your prayers today. Let them be prayers of thanks and praise. Let your prayers be offerings of your heart, of your whole being to Him. It is little to offer. None but your loving King would want you (knowing you as only He does), but He does. Do not permit Him to say “Son, give Me thy heart.” Offer it to Him. This one day, be all His. Have no time for anyone, for anything else in the world, but for your King. You are on private duty today for Heaven’s King, for your King; you cannot be requisitioned by even a subaltern officer, much less by any mere private.
My King and my God!