Eighteen Martyrs of Saragossa April 16

St. Optatus and seventeen others were martyred on the same day. On this day the Church also celebrates the Feast of Encratis. In order to escape marriage, this saint fled from her father’s house to Saragossa where the persecution was hottest. She was seized and put to death.

As gold in the furnace hath the Lord tried His chosen ones and received them forever as burnt offerings. — Second Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
He is gone before thee, carrying His cross, and He died for thee upon the Cross, that thou mayest also bear thy cross and love to die on the cross.
This is the first group we have had in April. Teachers speak sometimes of this or that class as “that splendid crowd of such and such a year.” So very much depends upon the leader in a class.
If you know from past experience that you are nota leader, then be a good follower, that is, know whom to follow. If you can be a leader, lead your group to fine and noble things as these saints today were led.
I am a part of all I have met.