Ember Friday — in Advent December 20

The Mass of today sums up perfectly the whole spirit of Advent, which is, so to speak, the first act of the great drama of the Incarnation. … It might be called “The Expectation of Christ.”

Stir up Thy power, O Lord, and come: that they who trust in Thy goodness may the more speedily be freed from all adversity. — Collect

The Imitation of Christ
Now do I desire to receive Thee devoutly and reverently; I long to bring Thee into my house.
As far as the fasting is concerned, you are not expected to fast, from food, that is. But we must all, regardless of age, fast from offense of God.
Why should there be mention of avoiding offense of God when we are so busy gathering up surprise gifts to take to Him when He comes down on Christmas into His crib within our own soul?
O Come, my sweet Savior, in this heart recline,
Thou knowest, my Savior, ‘twill ever be thine.’