Ember Saturday — in Advent December 21

Saturday was the most solemn of the Ember Days because that was the day on which the Church ordained her priests in the great basilica of St. Peter.

O Lord, come, and make no tarrying; loosen the bonds of Thy people. And gather together into their own land them that are scattered abroad. Stir up, O Lord, Thy power, and come among us to save us. — Matins: Third Responsory

The Imitation of Christ
O happy mind and blessed soul! which deserveth to receive Thee, her Lord God devoutly, and in receiving Thee to be filled with spiritual joy.
Before you leave for the vacation over the holidays, look back over the year thus far gone, the part of the school year principally. Just how much good has this bulletin done for you?
Have you noticed how much effort some of the students have made to carry out the little suggestions on the daily bulletin? You have made the difference. Let no one outstrip you in the new year.
Time and tide wait for no man.