Feast of the Holy Relics

November 5

Character Calendar

After having solemnized on All Saints’ Day the feast of the holy souls who have entered heaven, the Church honors on this day the holy relics of their bodies which will remain on earth until the glorious resurrection, a pledge of which we venerate in their ashes.

Many are the afflictions of the just, and out of all these the Lord hath delivered them: the Lord keepeth all their bones; not one of them shall be broken. — Introit, Psalm 33

The Imitation of Christ
Saints and friends of Christ, they served our Lord in hunger and thirst, in cold and nakedness, labor and weariness, in watchings and fastings, in prayers and holy meditations, in frequent persecutions and reproaches.
Our bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost. That accounts for the solemnity of Christian burial, and consecration of the ground in which those bodies are buried. That explains, too, why we venerate in a special manner the relics of the saints.
You know, of course, that relics of some saint are sealed in the altar stone of every Catholic church. Go over to church today and say just a little greeting to the saint whose relics are in the church. It was with that body that saint walked this earth as you do today. Ask for some direction as to how to reach the goal as well as the respective saint did.
Know ye not ye are temples of the Holy Ghost?