Our Lady Help of Christians May 24

Pope Pius V, after the famous battle of Lepanto in which the Christians gained a signal victory over the Turks, ordered that in the Litany of Loretto this Queen of Heaven should be styled among other titles, “Help of Christians.”

Ofttimes when hemmed around by hostile arms,

The Christian people lay all sore dismayed,

Faith’s eye hath traced the Virgin gliding down,

To lend her loving aid.

— Vespers: Hymn

The Imitation of Christ
And the more thou withdrawest from creatures, the sweeter and the more powerful consolations wilt thou find in Me.
This feast is very similar to the Feast of Our Lady in September. But this whole month is dedicated to our Lady. Surely, you have thought of that, have you not? This bulletin has never reminded you fearing to offend you by mentioning anything that must be taken for granted.
Do not allow your devotion to our Lady to assume the air of a mere fascination for school children. Let it be some thing that becomes a part of your life, so that later on in your law office or at your desk or while preparing a meal or getting ready to go out on the stage, you will form the habit of saying a Hail Mary and “In your honor, dear Mother”: you will be ever so much more successful if you do that.
Show thyself my Mother.