St. Maximus , Bishop
St. Michael , Archangel
St. Narcissus , Bishop
St. Nemesion , Martyr
St. Nicasius , and his Companions, Martyrs
St. Nicholas , Bishop
St. Norbert , Bishop and Confessor
St. Olympias , Widow
St. Onesimus , Disciple of St. Paul
St. Oswald , Bishop
St. Pachomius , Abbot
St. Pantaleon , Martyr
St. Paphnutius , Bishop
St. Paternus , Bishop
St. Patrick , Apostle of Ireland
St. Paul , The First Hermit
St. Paulinus , Bishop and Confessor
St. Perpetuus , Bishop
St. Peter Canisius , Confessor and Doctor of the Church
St. Peter of Alexandria , Bishop and Martyr
St. Philip Benizi , Confessor
St. Philogonius , Bishop
St. Pius I , Pope and Marty
St. Polycarp , Bishop and Martyr
St. Porphyry , Bishop
St. Praxedes , Virgin
St. Quintin , Martyr
St. Raphael , Archangel
St. Raymund Nonnatus , Confessor
St. Remigius , Bishop
St. Romuald , Abbot
St. Sabas , Abbot
St. Sabinus , Bishop and Martyr
St. Saturninus , Martyr
St. Severianus , Bishop and Martyr
St. Silverius , Pope and Martyr
St. Simeon , Bishop and Martyr
St. Soter and St. Caius , Popes, Martyrs
St. Sraphia , Virgin and Martyr
St. Stanislaus , Bishop, Martyr
St. Stephen , King and Confessor
St. Stephen , First Martyr
St. Sylvester , Pope and Confessor
St. Teresa , Virgin
St. Thecla , Virgin and Martyr
St. Theodore , Martyr
St. Therese of the Child Jesus , The Little Flower
St. Thomas , Apostle
St. Thomas of Canterbury , Bishop and Martyr
St. Timothy , Bishop and Martyr
St. Titus , Bishop
St. Ursula , Virgin and Martyr
St. Valery , Abbot
St. Vincent De Paul , Confessor
St. Wenceslaus , Duke and Martyr
St. Wilfred , Bishop
St. William , Abbot
St. William , Archbishop
St. Wulfran , Archbishop
St. Zachary , Pope
St. Zephyrinus , Pope and Martyr