Ss. Abraham and Mary March 16

Fifty years St. Abraham spent in a hermitage. The Bishop of Edessa ordained him priest, though the saint felt that he was entirely unworthy of so great an honor. After his ordination he was sent to an idolatrous city that had refused to accept Christianity. Relying on fasting and prayer, rather than on preaching, he brought every citizen to baptism. Among thise he led to sanctity was his niece Mary.

Novena for the Feast of the Annunciation begins today.

Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King and my God; for unto Thee will I pray. — Matins, Psalm 5

The Imitation of Christ
Son, thou art never secure in this life; but as long as thou livest spiritual weapons are always necessary for thee.
These were uncle and niece who lived a life of seclusion in the desert. Even in the desert, alone and away from the rest of the world, Mary committed a great sin, for which she did severe penance the rest of her life.
Mary’s fall should prove to us that we are, after all, each our own greatest difficulty. Pray today then for perseverance in God’s grace.

Give me grace to keep Thy grace

And grace to merit more.

— Mother Loyola