Ss. Cosmas and Damian — Martyrs September 27

These two saints were brothers, Arabian physicians, who healed souls as well as bodies. They were most cruelly tortured to death for their faith.

This is the true brotherhood which overcame the wickedness of the world: it followed Christ, and possesses the peerless kingdom of heaven. — Gradual of the Feast

The Imitation of Christ
For in whatsoever way I may arrange for my peace, my life cannot be without war and sorrow.
Two physicians these two brothers were, who used their skill in healing bodies to win sick souls back to the service of their Creator. We might end the little rime: “Doctors, lawyers, merchants, chiefs” this way “can become saints by the same method: doing their duty well.”
Think seriously about the kind of work you would likely do after you leave school. While you are thinking about it keep in the front of your mind the desire to do as much good as possible.
He serveth best who loveth best.