Ss. Cyprian and Justina — Martyrs September 26

St. Cyprian, a magician, was converted to Christianity by Justina. They were inhumanly tortured for their faith and finally beheaded under Diocletian.

But the salvation of the just is from the Lord: and He is their protector in the time of trouble. — Introit, Psalm 36

The Imitation of Christ
And he who esteemeth himself the vilest of all men, and judgeth himself the most unworthy, is fitted to receive still greater blessings.
Cyprian was a magician who wanted to lead Justina into sin. Instead, she converted him and they both died martyrs so that she took him to heaven with her instead of Cyprian taking Justina to hell with him. Each person in the world exerts an influence for good or ill upon every person whom he meets.
Make the world better for your living in it. Your class is better or worse for your being in it. When you respond with enthusiasm to a suggestion your teacher makes, or when you growl afterwhile with a few cronies over the “queer things” some teachers do, you may be beginning something in the lives of others that will go on forever. In any case, you are doing something to your own life that will show up in eternity. Think about this, while you wait in ranks this noon, and while you are getting out your books between classes during the day.
Nor knowest thou what argument thy life to a neighbor’s creed has lent. — Emerson