Ss. Faustinus and Jovita — Martyrs February 15

These saints were brothers, born of a noble family of Brescia. They were zealous teachers of the Christian religion. Accused of being Christians they suffered indescribable tortures. Nevertheless the great power of their faith made them more than conquerors, shining even as gold tried in the furnace.

Theirs is a brotherhood indeed, whose tie no storms availed to sever: together they followed the Lord in the shedding of their blood. Together they set at naught the Royal Palace; together they attained unto the kingdom of heaven. — Eighth Responsory

The Imitation of Christ
Ought not all painful labors to be endured for everlasting life?
Accused of being a Christian sounds like accused of being good. In the days of the persecutions, however, it was criminal to be a Christian ; that is, it was not in compliance with the law.
You may at some time in your life be in the company of people who sneer at the idea of abstaining from meat on Friday, etc. What will you do about it? But you cannot have the strength and courage for great things if you have not acquired strength bit by bit through little things.
Trifles make perfection; but perfection is no trifle.