Ss. Hippolytus and Cassian — Martyrs August 13

St. Hippolytus was one of St. Laurence’s guards while the latter was in prison. He was converted by the saint and followed him to martyerdom. St. Cassian, a schoolmaster, was delivered with his hands tied behind his back to his pagan pupils, who pierced him with their stilettos.

Grant we beseech Thee O Almighty God, that this venerable solemnity of Thy holy martyrs Hippolytus and Cassian, may increase our devotion and promote our salvation. — Collect

The Imitation of Christ
Wait a little and thou shalt see a speedy end of suffering. The hour cometh when all trouble and labour shall be no more.
St. Cassian was put to death by those who should have been some of his stanchest defenders. There were surely some among them who stabbed only because others were doing it.
Are you easily led to do wrong because others are doing it? Be careful today not to use the stiletto of your tongue on anyone, particularly not on the absent.
The tongue is a two-edged sword that grows keener by constant use.