Ss. John and Paul June 26

These two saints were officers in the army under Julian, the apostate. They glorified God by a double victory; they despised the honors of the world, and gained the martyr’s crown.

The righteous stand in the presence of the Lord, and are not divided the one from the other; they drank of the Lord’s cup and they are called Friends of God. — Vespers, Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
Fight like a good soldier; and if sometimes thou fall through frailty, resume greater courage than before, confiding in My more abundant grace.
Two fine soldiers who fought for their emperor until that emperor ordered them to offer sacrifice to the gods; then, their only king was Christ and for Him they gave their lives.
We cannot get away from the appeal that an upstanding soldier makes to us. And we are soldiers, all in the army of Christ by the sacrament of confirmation.

I am a soldier who would joust for my King;

Life is love’s tournament.