Ss. Julian and Basilissa — Martyrs January 9

This saintly married couple converted their beautiful home into a hospital. They assisted personally in serving the sick. St. Basilissa died a natural death; St. Julian was martyred.

Thy saints shall flourish like the lily, O Lord, and be as the odor of balsam before Thee. — Gradual

The Imitation of Christ
O pleasant and delightful service of God, which maketh a man truly free and holy.
When we think of saints, we ordinarily think of them as bishops or religious, at least as people who spent much time in prayer. These two saints were husband and wife who lived each day as perfectly as possible.
Saints are people who spend the whole day in prayer. You must do the same. How? Make the intention each morning to do all that day for the greater honor and glory of God; make the Sacred Heart League intention. Of course, see to it that your work during the day is at least not a disgrace to be offered to God.
All for the greater honor and glory of God.