Ss. Timothy, Hippolytus and Symporian — Martyrs August 22

St. Timothy was put to death at Antioch; St. Hippolytus at Ostia; St. Symporian at Autun, all on the same day. Like conquering heroes they went to meet their fate knowing full well the reward that was to be theirs.

Deny us not, O Lord, Thy help; but hearkening to the prayers of Thy blessed martyrs, Timothy, Hippolytus, and Symporian, stretch forth over us the right hand of Thy merciful forgiveness. — Collect

The Imitation of Christ
Nature willingly receiveth some exterior comfort, in which the senses may be gratified. But grace seeketh to be comforted in God alone, and beyond all things visible to be delighted in the Sovereign Good.
What a happy meeting it must have been for these three martyrs when they were united in heaven. The mother of Symporian saw her son led out to martyrdom. Like a valiant woman she encouraged her son rather to die than deny his Faith. She, too, was seized and put to death.
Naturally speaking, it was not easy for the mother of St. Symporian to encourage her son to die, but with the eye of faith she saw things from God’s point of view and that made all the difference in the world. See the will of God in all that happen and you have the key to happiness.
God’s ways are not our ways.