Ss. Vincent and Anastasius January 22

Both of these saints suffered the most excruciating pains rather than deny their faith. After St. Vincent had been tortured he was put into prison where the angels consoled him and told him his end was near.

Come ye blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom! I will render unto you a reward of your labors. — Eighth Responsory

The Imitation of Christ
Here, therefore, men are tried, as gold is in the furnace.
This saint was roasted to death. You can scarcely imagine a death like that. Perhaps you sometimes think you are making a very great sacrifice for your faith when you rise for an early Mass or walk several blocks through deep snow and a cold wind. Balance your spirit of sacrifice with that of St. Vincent.
Sacrifice is measured by love. Do you love God sufficiently to control an uncharitable tongue today? You will know tonight.
Thou hast made our hearts for Thee, O Lord.