St. Agapitus — Martyr August 18

St. Agapitus was only 15 years old when he was put to death by a stroke of the sword. No promise of reward could induce him to deny Christ.

Happy be Thy Church, O God, putting her trust in the prayers of the holy martyr Agapitus: he in glory pleading in her behalf may she devoutly do Thee service, and ever abide in safety and in peace. — Collect

The Imitation of Christ
For when the grace of God cometh to a man, then is he powerful in all things; and when it departeth, then is he poor and weak and left only as it were to scourgings.
In a few short years St. Agapitus earned heaven with the glory of martyrdom. It isn’t chronological age that counts with God, but degree of maturity in the service of God.
Sanctify every minute of your life by the good intention. The good intention is the philosopher’s stone that turns all our actions to gold wherewith to buy the Kingdom of God.
Not many but much.