St. Albinus — Bishop March 1

As a monk St. Albinus was a living example of his rule. His soul seemed so perfectly governed by the spirit of Christ that he seemed to live only for Him. As Bishop of Angers he was indefatigable in his zeal for the glory of God. Honored by the world and even by kings, he was never affected by vanity.

Who, thinkest thou, is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath appointed over his family to give them meat in season? — Gospel, Matthew 24

The Imitation of Christ
Look upon the lively examples of the holy Fathers, in whom shone real perfection and the religious life, and thou wilt see how little it is, and almost nothing, that we do.
At thirty-five this man was chosen to be abbot of a large monastery, but it made no difference in his modesty nor in his practice of mortification.
Keep a close guard on yourself and see if you have the habit of turning your head this way and that either to see all that is going on or to see if anybody is looking at you. Perhaps you would scarcely think it, but that is usually an indication of a kind of silly vanity. Keep looking straight ahead of you.
Keep your powder dry and fire straight ahead. — Advice given to one of our presidents