St. Anselm — Archbishop of Canterbury April 21

The life of this bishop was a constant struggle against the King of England in defense of the rights of the Church. Accused of disloyalty to the King, he replied: “If any man pretends that I violate my Faith to my King because I will not reject the Holy See of Rome, let him stand forth, and in the name of God I will answer him as I ought.” No one took up the challenge and all present sided with the saint.

O right excellent teacher, light of the Holy Church, St. Anselm, blessed lover of the Divine Law, pray for us to the Son of God — Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
Let there be nothing great, nothing high, nothing pleasant, nothing acceptable to thee but only God Himself, or what comes from God.
As far back as 1109 St. Anselm was teaching Latin to members of the English court and introducing them to the literature of the Greeks and Romans.
You know how much you despise people who show off when they think they know a little more than those about them. Profit by their example and do not do the same, particularly with your own parents; be very careful never to pretend superiority if you are getting a better education than they have. You understand you would not be able to read if it were not for your good parents looking after your education and keeping you alive.
Honor thy father and mother that it may be well with thee.