St. Appolinaris The Apologist January 8

Very little is known about this saint except such things as may be learned from his writings and those of his contemporaries. One of his best works is his apology for the Christian religion.

O ye priests of the Lord, bless the Lord; O ye holy and humble of heart, praise God. — Introit, Daniel 3

The Imitation of Christ
Thou wilt never be interior and devout unless thou pass over in silence other men’s affairs, and look especially to thyself.
He wrote a book in defense of the Church, that is all. And we dismiss the thought of the saint from our mind when the day is over. Why? Because the world does not acclaim him loudly. But that is no indication of true greatness; there was a time when Christ said to this saint: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of the Lord.”
Keep impressing your own mind day by day with the thought that nothing counts but God’s approval.
Naught, but Thyself, O Lord, naught but Thyself,