St. Athanasius — Doctor May 2

St. Athanasius was one of the chief defenders of the Church against Arianism. Though firm and adamant in defense of the Faith, he was meek and humble, pleasant and winning in converse, beloved by his flock, unwearied in labors, in prayer, in mortifications, and in zeal for souls.

O God, the rewarder of faithful souls, grant that we obtain pardon by the prayers of blessed Athanasius, Thy Confessor and Bishop, whose venerable festival we celebrate. — Postcommunion

The Imitation of Christ
The saints that are highest in the sight of God are the least in their own eyes; and the more glorious they are, the more humble are they in themselves.
Athanasius was continually hounded by the Arians whose schemes God averted each time in favor of the saint. One time the Arians were on board the same ship with Athanasius and about to board another ship in pursuit of him whom they hoped to find on the other ship. Athanasius shouted to them, for they did not know him: “He is very close to you.” Thinking he was on the other ship they rushed away leaving the saint perfectly safe and satisfied.
If you put your trust in God, and cease worrying, just trust in God and depend upon Him to take care of you, He will not forsake you, provided you endeavor to serve Him meanwhile as well as you can.
He is at too great a hazard who places not his trust in God.