St. Augustine — Bishop, Confessor and Doctor August 28

An ambitious schoolboy of brilliant talents and violent passions, he early lost both, his faith and his innocence. The tears and prayers of his mother brought him to his senses and he became the great St. Augustine.

The mouth of the just shall mediate wisdom, and his tongue shall speak judgment. — Gradual

The Imitation of Christ
But many are deaf and hardened to My voice. The greater number listen more willingly to the world than to God, and are readier to follow the desires of the flesh than the good pleasure of God.
For years St. Monica prayed for the conversion of her son Augustine. God seemed deaf to her prayers but He was only waiting to give her a most abundant reward in bestowing the grace not only of conversion but of sanctity upon her son.
Don’t be discouraged if God does not answer your prayers immediately. He may be waiting to give you very much more than you ask.
Knock and it shall be opened to you.