St. Bartholomew — Apostle August 24

St. Bartholomew was called to be an apostle by our Lord Himself. He carried the Gospel to Asia. He is said, by some authorities, to have been seized in Armenia and put to death by being flayed alive.

You who have followed Me, shall sit on seats, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. — Communion

The Imitation of Christ
Learn to suffer in little things now, that then thou mayst be delivered from grievous sufferings.
St. Bartholomew was flayed alive. Long years of patient endurance in the school of suffering and sacrifice had prepared him to bear this inhuman torture without flinching.
To bear pain uncomplainingly is a mark of a strong character. Don’t seek childish comfort from others by recounting all your aches and pains. Be glad to suffer in silence some little thing for love of the Crucified Savior.
To suffer or to die.