St. Basil the Great June 14

After having completed his studies at Constantinople and Athens with his intimate friend Gregory of Nazianzen, he renounced the world, left his family, and entered a monastery. He was chosen bishop of Caesarea. His commanding character, his firmness and energy, his learning and eloquence, his humility and austerity made him a model for bishops.

O God, the rewarder of faithful souls, grant through the prayers of blessed Basil, Thy confessor and bishop, whose venerable feastday we are celebrating, we may receive the pardon of our sins. — Postcommunion

The Imitation of Christ
Fear God, and thou shalt not be afraid of the terrors of man.
This is the friend of St. Gregory. With St. Gregory he, too, has been called a Father of the Church. He labored to root out heresy.
Try to imagine your plight if you knew nothing of the beauties of our holy Faith. How much you would be missing of the things that make life worth while!
He that is mighty hath done great things to me.