St. Bede — Confessor and Doctor of the Church May 27

Born at Yarrow in Northumberland, St. Bede entered the Benedictine monastery at a very early age. The wisdom and unction of the Holy Ghost are evident in his manifold writings. He was one of the most learned churchmen of the eighth century.

O right excellent teacher, light of the holy Church. St. Bede, blessed lover of the Divine Law, pray for us to the Son of God. — Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
If thou wouldst persevere dutifully and advance, look on thyself as a pilgrim and an exile upon the earth.
You read of this man in your literature. He was an early English writer; he translated large parts of the New Testament.
Are you not more and more fascinated to note that no matter what your hobby is, there is no line of work in which you cannot serve God, save your soul, and become a saint.

Do thy duty, that is best;

Leave unto the Lord the rest.