St. Benedict — Abbot March 21

St. Benedict went to school in Rome. Frightened by the wickedness of young people, he fled to the desert of Subiaco. After spending three years in a cave, he attracted crowds by his virtue. The great Roman families sent their children to him and he founded in the mountains twelve monasteries.

Some months before he departed this life, Benedict forewarned his disciples on what day he was going to die; and he ordered his grave to be opened six days before he was carried to it. — Matins, Sixth Lesson

The Imitation of Christ
Many are His visits to the man of interior life, and sweet the conversation that He holdeth with him: plenteous His consolation, His peace, and His familiarity.
This is the brother of St. Scholastica. He was accustomed to visit his holy sister once a year to talk over affairs concerning their advance in holiness. Feeling that she was to die the night of his last visit, she begged him to stay a bit longer, but he refused since according to his rule, his time was up. St. Scholastica played a little trick on him by praying for a storm which came down in such fury that her brother had to stay. That night, St. Scholastica died.
Perhaps you have the mistaken notion, too, that saints are necessarily gloomy people who are always praying from a prayer book or doing extraordinary penance, never smiling, or playing tricks on one another. That is a grave mistake. A saint is a person who does God’s will as well as he reasonably can. You can be a saint right this minute, today.
I can; I must; I WILL.