St. Bernard — Abbot and Doctor August 20

The principal title of glory of St. Bernard is that he celebrated with ineffable tenderness and ardent piety, in his prayers and books and sermons, the varied greatness of Mary. He is called Doctor Mellifluus, the honey-mouthed doctor.

O illustrious doctor, thou light of Holy Church, blessed Bernard, thou lover of Divine Law, intercede with the Son of God for us. — Antiphon

The Imitation of Christ
Let Thy Name be praised, not mine; let Thy work be magnified, not mine; let Thy Holy Name be blessed, but let nothing be attributed to me of the praises of men.
Every day of his religious life St. Bernard offered a challenge to himself with the words: “Bernard, why hast thou come hither?” He was honest with himself in giving the answer and courageous in regulating his conduct with all the answer implied.
We know St. Bernard best by his Memorare. If you don’t know the Memorare memorize it today and repeat it frequently. You will soon come to know what unction there is in that beautiful prayer.
Why hast thou come hither?