St. Blaise — Bishop and Martyr February 3

St. Blaise, in his earlier years, was a noted physician. In the practice of medecine he saw so much of the miseries of life that he decided to devote himself to the healing of souls as well as bodies. One time a distracted mother whose child was dying, choked by a bone which had stuck in his throat, begged the saint’s intercession. The child was relieved by the prayers of the saint.

This is the priest whom the Lord hath crowned. — Gradual

The Imitation of Christ
Know for certain that thou must lead a dying life; and the more a man dieth to himself, the more doth he begin to live unto God.
You are so familiar with the special ceremony of this day that you know the story of St. Blaise very well. He is a patron against diseases of the throat. Has it occurred to you how very holy a thing your throat is, through which has passed so often the most holy Body of Christ?
You would be shocked and pained beyond endurance would the garbage man dump his load in your church. Why? Because the church is God’s dwelling place. What of your body, your tongue, your throat? Resolve today that never will any language defile your mouth that would not pass in favor in the hearing of Christ,
Place Thyself as a seal upon my lips!