St. Bonaventure — Bishop, Confessor and Doctor July 14

O bona ventura! — good luck, exclaimed St. Francis after he had miraculously cured St. Bonaventure of a mortal disease. This saint was remarkable for three things: his learning, his humility and his practical common sense. He was a personal friend of St. Thomas Aquinas.

O God, the rewarder of faithful souls, grant through the prayers of Blessed Bonaventure, Thy confessor and bishop, whose venerable feastday we are celebrating, that we may receive the pardon of our sins. — Postcommunion

The Imitation of Christ
Lord, most willingly do I commit all things to Thee; for but little can my own device avail. Would that I might not be too much set upon future events, but unhesitatingly offer myself to Thy good pleasure.
When St. Bonaventure heard that the Pope was about to make him a cardinal, he quietly made his escape from Italy. On his way he stopped to rest at a Franciscan convent near Florence. Here the Papal messengers found him washing dishes. The saint told them to hang his cardinal’s hat on a bush until he had finished the dishes.
No cardinal’s hat or similar distinction may be offered you today, but there will be opportunities of denying yourself the pleasure of surpassing others or appearing bright and clever. Are you “strong enough” to make these sacrifices.
Not to me but to God be glory.